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Pros / LendingTree connects you with multiple choices in lenders and loan offers.

Cons / LendingTree cannot explain the underwriting process as it varies from lender to lender.

 Verdict / LendingTree connects you with lenders from its network so you can compare and choose the best loan rates, fees and terms that fit your specific financial situation.

When choosing a lender for your mortgage or home refinance loans, you want to find the lowest rates and fees along with a term that works with your borrowing goals. When you apply for a loan with LendingTree, it collects information from its network of lenders, which include Citi and Wells Fargo, to provide competitive loan offers. Because LendingTree does the legwork for you and provides a range of quotes, we award LendingTree our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award as the best mortgage and refinance company.

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Rates & Fees

All lenders have their own process of determining the amount of loan you qualify for, the interest rate and fees. LendingTree is not a direct lender. When you prequalify for a loan with LendingTree, it connects with multiple lenders that can offer you a loan. You can then compare offers side by side for a quick idea of which mortgage companies offer the best rates.

When we contacted Lending Tree, it provided us with averages from its lenders for their rates, fees and additional costs. In a best-case scenario, LendingTree lenders can provide fixed interest rates that are competitive in the overall mortgage lending industry.

Variable interest rates also start low when compared to the mortgage refinancing industry. The average bank fees, including closing costs, depend on the lender you choose. Fees and rates vary with each lender.

Eligibility & Requirements

With this service providing you multiple offers, you also have a better chance of qualifying due to wide range of accepted requirements. For example, the preferred credit score for most lenders is between 660 and over 700, but LendingTree has lenders who accept credit scores that are even lower.

The preferred down payment in the industry is around 20 percent, but if you do not have a full 20 percent saved, you can apply for an FHA loan with LendingTree. With an FHA loan, the down payment requirement is much lower: 3.5 percent.

Customer Experience

We had positive experience with Lending Tree's customer service department. The agents were willing to answer the questions they could; however, they were not able to answer specifics about individual lenders. LendingTree takes your information and connects you with lenders, but it does not handle your loan after that point. You'll need to speak with the lender you ultimately choose about the specifics of your loan and the underwriting process.

LendingTree's process consists of taking your basic information, including the desired loan amount, available down payment, credit and employment history, DTI, and other personal information. After it enters your information into its system, it provides you with lenders and loan offers. This process is speedy, so you can quickly find a loan. After LendingTree's part in your loan, you will work with the specific lender, most of which complete the underwriting and processing in under a month.

If you want to know more about LendingTree, its website provides education on different loan types and offers financial advice. A valuable resource it offers is a database of reviews from real customers for the lenders it works with. The reviews provide a star rating along with customer reviews; some companies have hundreds or thousands of reviews.

Loan Types Offered

If this is your first mortgage, you have a few choices in loan types. Which loan type you receive depends on a number of factors. If you have excellent credit and a low DTI ratio, you will likely be able to get a traditional 30-year mortgage loan. These come with either fixed or adjustable rates, depending on your preference and current market trends. The other first-time borrower option, as touched upon above, is an FHA loan. These federally insured loans help those with low credit scores and low down payments qualify for a loan without receiving exorbitant interest rates, though the borrower must pay extra for insurance.

For refinancing options, LendingTree works with lenders who offer refinancing and equity loans. Basic refinancing loans allow you to convert your current loan to lower the interest rate. A cash-out refinance loan allows you to borrow more than what you owe in your home and keep the difference. With a traditional home equity loan, you borrow one lump sum with your home put up as collateral. A home equity line of credit also borrows against the value of your home but works more like a credit card that you pay off monthly and borrow up to your limit. While not all of LendingTree's lenders offer all loan types, LendingTree can connect you with a lender who does.


LendingTree stands out among the competition because it offers choices. Rather than receiving one offer that you can take or leave, LendingTree connects you with multiple lenders and offers so you can compare what rates are available to you, and then choose the best mortgage and refinancing company.

LendingTree Mortgage And Refinance Lenders Visit Site

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Rates & Fees

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