Pros / You can qualify for up to 24 months of forbearance.

Cons / You can't consolidate this loan with your other federal and private student loans.

 Verdict / SunTrust offers three different loan repayment terms – seven, 10 and 15 years – and one of the longest forbearance periods of the lenders on our list.

For students needing additional funds to complete their college education, SunTrust is a private student loan provider with flexible repayment lengths and a loan limit of $150,000. If you don't anticipate consolidating your private and federal student loans, this is one of the best student loan providers to work with.

Though other student loan providers offer higher loan limits, the $150,000 offered by SunTrust should be enough to complement any federal student loans and help you afford your college education.

If you plan on taking out both federal and private loans, however, SunTrust can't consolidate the loans into a single payment plan. This means you'll have to keep your federal and private loans separate and make separate payments monthly for both loans. College Ave and Citizens Bank both offer loan consolidation.

SunTrust offers three loan terms. You can decide between seven-, 10- and 15-year repayment options. Some students prefer shorter terms, because they pay less money in interest over the life of the loan.

One drawback with SunTrust's private student loans is the time it takes to remove a cosigner from the loan. SunTrust requires 48 on-time payments before you can apply to have the cosigner removed from the loan. This is four times longer than some other lenders on our list.

SunTrust offers up to 24 months of forbearance, which ties for the longest forbearance period of the companies on our list. Forbearance can be useful if you lose your job or run into financial difficulties that prevent you from meeting your monthly obligation to SunTrust. Rather than going into default, you can buy some time with forbearance. You won't have to make your monthly payments, but the interest on your student loan continues to accrue.

If you sign up for a SunTrust banking account and have your student loan payments automatically deducted from your bank account, SunTrust will discount your interest rate by 0.50%.

In terms of help and support, this private student loan provider doesn't offer live chat on its website. When we emailed this lender, it responded within a day and a half.

SunTrust offers a moderate loan limit of $150,000 and three different repayment lengths for its private student loan services. Though this company requires four years of on-time payments before it will release a cosigner from a student loan, it offers 24 months of forbearance in case you run into financial difficulty. If you need extra assistance paying for college, a private student loan from SunTrust could help you.