Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner review

The Paxcess Automatic is ideal if you are looking to dip your toe into robotic pool cleaners.

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner
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The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is affordable and has many good qualities.


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    Cleans above-ground and in-ground pools

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    May not pick up fine particles

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    Not great for stairs or corners

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What makes this Paxcess automatic cleaner stand out, is the fact is it is robotic. This contrasts with all other devices we have reviewed in our best pool cleaners buying guide. 

Robotic pool cleaners are considered the most cutting-edge in their design. That’s because they have an electric motor that pushes them forward and creates a suction to pick up debris along the way, therefore, they are fully autonomous. They require no pool pump or filtration system, they just need an electric source to help power them. Another reason why robotic options are the most modern type of pool cleaners is because of their clever computerized technology. This tech allows them to detect where there is dirt and where they need to clean. 

Paxcess is a Chinese brand and is fairly new having launched in 2015.

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Features 

The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner comes with a roller belt to help it move along the pool floor. This roller belt has sponge rollers on it to give pools double the amount of cleaning. There’s also has a scrubbing brush at the front of this robotic pool cleaner to help rid your pool walls and bottoms of any dirt trapped in crevices. 

It has an auto-clean setting for easy cleaning and a swivel cord. This helps to make sure the robot doesn’t tangle its wires and get caught up in them. It comes with a long 50-foot cord. 

There’s also a  pretty big filter basket to ensure it can store all the dirt and debris in your pool whilst cleaning it swiftly. 

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Design  

The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is programmed to work through intelligent programming. This means you can choose your chosen pool cleaning option – whether that’s every one, two, or three hours without any supervision. 

The robotic pool cleaner has a built-in electric pump motor to help power it along the floors and walls. You simply plug this into a normal household power plug and let the device do all the hard work. 

It weighs 30 pounds in total, meaning this is fairly lightweight to pick up when putting it in and out of your swimming pool. 

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: Performance   

The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner can clean above-ground and in-ground pools no bigger than 50-feet. 

It can hoover up debris on the floors and walls easily, whilst also giving your tiles or pool floor a scrub at the same time thanks to the brushes at the front. It can also filter just under 4000 gallons of water per hour, which is pretty impressive.

The Paxcess comes with a two-year warranty, which is always handy to know. Especially if you are buying from a brand you are not particularly well versed on. For other well-known options, check out our Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 review and the Pentair LX500G Kreepy Krauly Legend review.

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner: User reviews  

The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner has received a respectable four out of five stars on its Amazon reviews. 

Many users highly recommended the pool cleaner because of its ability to rid the pool walls of algae, big leaves, and twigs. Whilst others praised the robotic pool cleaner for being easy to clean and empty all of the pool debris in an instance. Another user of the 

Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner commended the pool cleaner for being easy to use. Stating that you simply plug in, place the robotic cleaner onto the pool floor and let it work its magic. 

However, other users of the device have spoken about the inner belt breaking with one user claiming it broke just three months in. Whilst another few users claimed the Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner left black lines all over the stairs in addition to ‘scuff marks’ when transitioning from the bottom of the pool up the sides.

Should you buy the Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner? 

The Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is the best pool cleaner for sucking up dirt and scrubbing at the same time. Due to the fact it’s robotic, it doesn’t use any part of your filtration system unlike many suction-side or pressure-side cleaners. 

This Paxcess Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great option if you are leaning towards buying a robotic pool cleaner. That’s because compared to other robotic pool cleaners, this is one of the least expensive versions on the market, costing around $500. But it also comes with a two-year warranty to give you some peace of mind should anything go wrong. 

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