Black & Decker PR100 Review

The Black + Decker PR100 doesn't produce food that's as tender or flavorful as some other pressure cookers, but it's easy to use and clean, and it cooks quickly.

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The Black & Decker PR100 is a good option that is easy to use and clean. While the food it produces isn’t as tender or flavorful as some pressure cookers, it cooks quickly and with no hassles.


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    It has a longer-than-average warranty.


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    It doesn’t have as many preset food buttons as other machines.

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The Black & Decker PR100 is a reliable pressure cooker that can help you cook in a variety of ways. This brand is best when cooking for groups of roughly four to six. It’s an especially good choice for people who are constantly on the go since the non-stick pot makes it easy to clean and it has some of the shortest overall cooking times out of all the products we tested. However, it can't match the best Instant Pots any more.

This 6-quart model is the only pressure cooker that Black & Decker offers, so you can’t purchase any larger or smaller quart capacities from this company. In our testing, we found this device worked really well when cooking rice. In addition to the grains being soft and less sticky than others, this device’s overall cooking time was only 21 minutes and 45 seconds, making it one of the fastest. It didn’t do as well with the pot roast test. Our testers found the beef relatively dry and tough compared to others but still good on its own.

It features five preset food buttons, which is fewer than many other machines in our comparison. You will also be able to do standard cooking in this device, including sautéing, steaming and slow cooking. The device offers two slow cooking options with the ability to have the settings on high or low; unfortunately, there is no in-between. When the device is building pressure, it displays its progress on the screen so you know how close it is to being finished.

The manual cook button makes adjusting pressure and cooking settings easier than other devices in our comparison. You can use the keep warm feature when you aren’t quite ready to eat or use the delay start button when planning meals for later in the day. Should you need to stop or change your cooking preferences, this multi-cooker features a cancel button as well as a quick-release steam valve.

Like with most other devices, the exterior remains cool to the touch, but you should be careful when removing the lid as escaping steam can be very hot. This multi-cooker comes with a recipe book, instruction manual, measuring cup, steam rack and ladle. There is a cooking time chart in the instruction manual for beans, vegetables and various meats. Black & Decker doesn’t provide a mobile app for this device, and the only color option is silver and black.

The exterior is made of stainless steel, but unfortunately, the inner pot is not. It is a metal blend with a non-stick coating so you will need to be careful to not ding or scratch it when cooking. We found that this pot was the most stick-resistant of any we tested. And while the inner pot and accessories are all dishwasher safe, you should carefully hand wash the pot if you want to maintain the inner coating. If you’d prefer a stainless steel inner bowl, you might be interested in Instant Pot.

This electric multi-cooker has the second-best warranty in our comparison as it is covered for two years. Keeping in custom with most other pressure cookers, this device will not pressure cook unless the lid is properly in place, and it will not release the lid unless the pressure has come down to a safe level. If this device gets too hot or too pressurized, safety features will prevent it from operating until it cools down. If there is a problem with your device, the digital screen can list a number of codes so you can determine what the problem is either by referring to your instruction manual or by contacting the company.

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