Midea MY-SS6062 Review

We don't like this pressure cooker. It burns food, and it's all style and no substance.

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This pressure cooker has a sleek-looking exterior, but the controls are difficult to use and the device itself has a tendency to burn foods much easier than other devices.


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    The inner pot is made of stainless steel.


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    It doesn't come with a cooking times chart.

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When we ordered the Midea MY-SS6062 we hoped it would be a rival competitor to the top pressure cooking brands on the market. However, it proved to be a dud. The controls are difficult to use and the manual doesn’t make a lot of sense. It also had the longest overall rice cooking time of any device we tested. The worst sin of all – it overcooked the food each time we used it and the burning made the pot the most difficult one to clean. Tempted to try it? Don't bother - get one of the best Instant Pots instead.

It released steam almost the entire time it cooked, which is never a good sign for a pressure cooker. The lack of moisture makes it easier to burn food. We undertook the pot roast test twice in this unit because it thoroughly burned the food the first time. In an attempt to give it a fair shot, we thoroughly cleaned out the unit and attempted the test again but adjusted some settings. The food once again burned but not as badly as the first time. The rice test took 35 minutes and 50 seconds to complete, which was the longest time we recorded. In comparison, the shortest cook time was the Cuisinart with only 18 minutes and 49 seconds. The grains stuck together, and while it was edible, this was the worst batch of any rice cooker in our comparison.

The Midea MY-SS6062 looks completely different from any other pressure cooker in our comparison with its sleek design. There are insulated handles at the base of the unit so you can carry it around when needed. This is different from the lid handle design found in most other pressure cookers. Speaking of lids, we found this device’s lid incredibly hard to close, which makes it frustrating to use.

The 14 menu options with three cooking styles and 11 food presets should give you a wide range of options when making meals. The sauté feature allows you to sear meat or caramelize onions with the lid off, or you can use the steam, slow cook or pressure cook settings with the lid securely locked into place. It has as delay timer that can be set up to 24 in advance so you can plan your meal later in the day. While we were cooking our food, the device gave no indication of how much cooking time was left. Most other devices count down as they cook.

The steam release valve works very differently with this device, which proves to be both good and bad. Unlike the typical valve design, your hand will be away from the spout, which protects it from getting burned. However, the turn dial design used on other pressure cookers makes it so you don’t have to hold the valve the entire time. Since this is button operated, you will need to push it down until the pressure has gone, which can be a little frustrating.

This multi-cooker comes with a rice spoon, ladle, measuring cup and steamer rack to make cooking more convenient and versatile. There is no cooking time table for other foods and the cord is permanently attached so you have to store it carefully so as not to damage it.

The pot is dishwasher safe; however, since food burned to the bottom each time it cooked, we had to scrape off a decent amount of food before it could be ready for a dishwasher. Cleaning the stainless steel inner pot by hand took over 30 minutes, which was definitely the longest we spent cleaning any of the devices.

Midea covers this machine with a one-year warranty, which is average for a pressure cooker. It is UL and ULC certified and features lid locking technology so that you cannot remove the lid unless the pressure inside is at a safe level. The exterior also remains cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about anyone accidentally getting burned. With that said, the condensation cup and steam release valve can still get burning hot, so keep your eyes and skin away when interacting with them. We do not recommend this product since it was difficult to use, hard to clean and burned food each time we cooked.

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