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Allstate Motor Club review

Allstate Motor Club has one of the most cost-effective plans on the market and includes value-added services plus a solid history and foundation.

Allstate Motor Club review
(Image: © AllState)

Our Verdict

Allstate Motor Club has a well-designed website, easily accessible information, a transparent package outline and plenty of benefits. This is a nice touch and is one of the reasons why this company sits near the top of the selection pile when it comes to roadside assistance.


  • The cheapest membership plan around
  • Pay-per-use options
  • Membership not mandatory


  • Complex system that can become more expensive
  • Difficult to understand the ins and outs

Allstate Motor Club has a fairly dependable array of packages and solutions on offer. Older than AAA Roadside Assistance, it’s not as well known and its structure is slightly odd. For example, you can opt into an Allstate Membership plan from as low as $76 per year but the website tells you little to nothing about exclusions, inclusions and extras. If you want to know more about the membership plans available to you, you need to go to the Membership Plans page, scroll down and set your location to your zip code. Then the site will tell you want plans are available in your area. It's a slightly more complex system, which is why Allstate is on our list of the best roadside assistance plans, but not at the top.

For example, California will net you the Roadside Advantage plan for as little as $8 per month. This is not great for road warriors but is a solid bet for those who stay near home with up to three rescues a year, a tow service up to $100 per tow, fuel delivery and tire change (plus more).  The Roadside Advantage plan is very cost-effective but it’s also basic and you may have to spend more to increase calls, get towing over distances and more. 

Allstate Motor Club review: The fine print

Allstate Motor Club may be cheap, but it’s very fiddly. You get reimbursed for a tow or expenses you incur using the service which means… paperwork. And paperwork is the one thing guaranteed to result in delays. This is not a great tick in the box. The other issue is that you aren’t quite sure what the Roadside Advantage plan excludes and there’s very little information on how to boost that plan to get more value or bang for your buck. You do get a $750 benefit, $100 benefit per tow, a lockout service and a tire change. You will also find that Trip Interruption payments are only eligible in certain areas so make sure this is included before it’s too late.

Allstate Motor Club does include an on-time arrival guarantee, which is nice – you get 25% off the next year’s membership fees if someone is longer than 30 minutes over the estimated time of arrival. You will pay an extra $84 for a tire change, and $79 per fuel delivery or jump start if you pay at the time of need. 

Allstate Motor Club review: Costs and ease of use

Key info

Application process: Membership dependent on the package
Packages and costs: Three plans that include an annual membership, pay-per-use, and insurance add-on coverage
24/7 recovery: Yes
An app for that: Yes! Android and iOS  

You’re going to need to ask questions before you sign on the Allstate Motor Club dotted line. The company has a fairly complicated application process and it’s difficult to see what you’re going to pay in more unusual situations. The annual fee is very low and covers quite a bit, as we mentioned earlier, but there are quite a few limitations that you’ll end up covering at great expense with their pay-per-use solution. If you opt for the latter you’ll fork out $119 per tow and that’s only within certain ranges.

One thing that does stand out about Allstate Motor Club, however, is that it’s a crowdsourced. Yes, you read that right. The platform gives you access to a crowd-sourced rescue network so you’re likely to be rescued faster, which is a very nice touch. This pushes the company forward in the rankings as speedy recovery is always a win in anyone’s book. 

There’s also a dedicated page for emergency roadside assistance so you get immediate 24-hour help. The page includes the toll-free number and the information you need to hand over to the company so they can send someone to your rescue. Don’t forget that Allstate Motor Club also includes value-added discounts, just like Good Sam Roadside Assistance, so there’s added value in the membership costs.

AllState Motor Club is one of the cheapest providers we found

(Image credit: AllState)

Allstate Motor Club: Customer reviews and support

One thing that’s really interesting about Allstate Motor Club is that, in spite of it having been around for a really long time, it has little to no customer reviews on the usual sites. There’s no reviews from customers on Consumer Affairs but there are quite a few on the Better Business Bureau.  The company isn’t accredited but has a B+ rating and is quite responsive when it comes to dealing with customer complaints.

Should you choose AllState Motor Club?

Allstate Motor Club is a cost-effective roadside assistance solution that will get you rescued without breaking the bank, unless you’ve broken down miles away or happen to have an odd issue. Then you’re going to pay a lot more using their pay-per-use platform. That said, the company is relatively transparent about its offering, is cheap, has a great app and value-added benefits, and keeps you updated in real-time.