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Save $20 on Amazon Echo Auto and take Alexa out for a road trip

Save $20 on Amazon Echo Auto and take Alexa out for a road trip
(Image credit: Amazon)

Almost everyone has an Amazon Echo device in their homes nowadays, but did you know that Alexa can join you for a drive now too thanks to the Amazon Echo Auto? Well, now you do know and what’s more, Amazon Echo Auto is currently on sale for just $29.99, which is a saving of $20 off the normal retail price.

Amazon Echo Auto is a hands-free Alexa device which connects to your Alexa app via your smartphone and plays through your car’s speakers - just connect it using the auxiliary input or via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. Amazon Echo Auto is designed specifically to work inside cars, which means that its microphones will be able to pick up your voice over music, A/C, and road noises.

Amazon Echo Auto:

Amazon Echo Auto: $49.99 $29.99
Save $20
on the Amazon Echo Auto and take Alexa out for a spin. This gadget lets you use Alexa voice assistant to check the news, change the radio or set yourself reminders.

But why do you need Alexa in your car? Well for one thing, she can be used to control various audio apps like Audible, Amazon Music and Spotify, so you can shuffle between songs without having to take your hands off the wheel. You can also ask Alexa for weather and news updates, manage your schedule on the go or even just ask her to tell you facts about the locations you’re driving through.

This deal lines up with the UK and Republic of Ireland launch of the Amazon Echo Auto, which had previously been limited to US customers. The Amazon Echo Auto costs £49.99 in the UK.

If you’ve never tried Alexa or used an Echo device of any kind, check out our Amazon Echo review to see what we thought of the home version, which is one of the best smart speakers around. We were hugely impressed by the quality of the speaker and Alexa’s ability to understand and respond to our commands. If these qualities transfer over to the Amazon Echo Auto, Amazon will be on to another winner.

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