Save $300 on this beast of a snow blower at Best Buy - it'll make light work of heavy falls, and lighten the impact on the wallet

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We're writing this as the world has gone crunchy: an overnight frost has made the street look like something from a Christmas card, and the forecast says big snow is coming soon. Which makes it a particularly good time to invest in one of the best snow blowers, especially if you can get a good deal on it.

One of the top snow blower deals we've seen this week is on Best Buy, which is having whatever the icy equivalent of a fire sale is: it's currently discounting multiple models, often with significant savings. Some of the biggest savings are on the snow blowers with big price tags, but there are decent deals available for buyers with every kind of budget.

This Best Buy deal is a pretty good one: if you buy the Snow Joe 24V single stage cordless snow blower you can get $300 off the sticker price, bringing it down to just $499 instead of the usual $799. That's not the cheapest we've ever seen it, but it's close – and being able to get any kind of deal on a snow blower when lots of snow is forecast is quite the achievement.

Snow Joe 24V single stage cordless snow blower was $799 now $499, save $300 at Best Buy

Snow Joe 24V single stage cordless snow blower: was $799 now $499, save $300 at Best Buy

You get a lot of snow power for your money here thanks to the 2,800W brushless motor, quad-battery system and fast charging, and the temp-resistant auger can clear a path 21" wide and 12" deep in a single pass. The chute is adjustable 180 degrees so you can throw snow up to 30 feet in any direction as you go.

Snow Joe 24V cordless snow blower: key features

This snow blower is ideal for medium to large areas thanks to its 21" x 12" clearance, and it's fine to use around the deck and other surfaces thanks to the scraper bar on the base that clears right down to the ground without damaging your driveway or decking area. And because it's electric, you can blow the snow carbon emissions-free so that your conscience is as clear as your path.

The last thing you want from a cordless snow blower is short battery life and long recharge times, which is why this particular model has a quad-battery system of 4 x 24V, 12.0ah batteries for maximum stamina. And when you do finally squeeze the last drop of electric juice from the batteries, twin high-speed dual-port charges deliver speedy recharging in just six hours, so you can be ready and charged when the next snowfall arrives. 

And of course safety is a priority here: the adjustable chute throws snow well clear, and there are even integrated LED lights to light the way when you need to clear places when the sun don't shine. 

If you don't need a blower that's quite so powerful, Best Buy has some good deals on more modest models too. For example, there's currently $115 off the Greenworks 80V 12" cordless brushless snow shovel, bringing its price down from $349.99 to $234.99.

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