Pros / You can place calls using international callback or a local access number with this service.

Cons / United World Telecom requires a monthly fee for using specific services such as VoIP calling.

 Verdict / This call service offers options for placing calls, VoIP calling and connections to 229 countries and unfortunately, more expensive calling rates.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about international call services here.

If you call overseas often, you know it can quickly become a pricy task. United World Telecom is an international call service that saves you money with their low rates and provides several features to ensure you get the best call quality. United World Telecom offers both international callback and direct dialing. They also provide cheaper rates for 229 countries.

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Service Plans

United World Telecom uses Global Call Connect to place international phone calls. To use this service, you dial a local access number the company provides to you. This number gives you access to Global Call Connect's network, where you then enter the telephone number of the individual you are trying to reach. It is a simple process that takes only a little extra time. There is no hassle of dealing with operators or entering several additional codes.

The rates for placing an international call are not the cheapest rates available, and are several cents per minute more expensive than competing services. The price of your phone call depends upon where you place the call from and where you're calling to. There is also no connection fee required to make an international call.

A standout feature of this international call service is the ability to place VoIP calls. Using this service, you can download free VoIP softphone or buy a VoIP adapter and make calls using your computer. Using VoIP, you can pay for outgoing calls only or incoming and outgoing calls. There is a $4.95 monthly fee for using VoIP and a 2 cents per minute charge attached to any toll free calls you make.

CallMe800 is another service offered by United World Telecom. By using this service, you receive your own toll free phone number that works around the world. When an individual calls your toll free number, the system sends the call to a phone number of your choosing. By using CallMe800, you can receive all your international calls directly to your landline telephone or mobile phone. Not all countries are available for this service, particularly if you are looking to use your mobile device.

Even though this international call service offers a variety of advanced features such as Global Call Connect and CallMe800, they did not meet our full expectations with the variety of services offered. We were disappointed to see they do not provide an application for mobile devices. United World Telecom is compatible with mobile devices, but they do not offer an app to download directly on your phone for quick and easy access to the service.


United World Telecom offers an excellent feature set with a variety of options to ensure you have high call quality. There are 229 countries you can call using this international call service that range anywhere from Chile, Rwanda and Qatar. With so many options, you can call practically anywhere for a decent rate.

Speed dials are available from this international call service and are an ideal feature if you call several individuals overseas on a frequent basis. By using the speed dial feature, you can make calls much faster and skip several steps to make the cheap phone call. This is an ideal feature for business professionals if you often call specific international clients often.

The ability to forward calls is also an ideal feature for businesses or the business professional who travels abroad. Call forwarding is similar to the features offered with the service CallMe800, but this feature allows you to forward all calls from your United World Telecom phone number to a phone of your choice. This makes it possible for you to receive those important international calls wherever you may be.

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One advantage of using United World Telecom is it offers the ability to use direct dial or international callback for placing phone calls. Direct dial is when you use the local access number provided to you and then the telephone number you are trying to reach. The access number connects you to the company’s telecommunications network that enables you to receive the lower call rates.

International callback is an entirely different way to make a phone call, yet it is simple and does not require any hoops or barrels to jump through. When you sign up for the callback service, you receive a phone number, similar to the access number when direct dialing. To place the call, you call the access number, let it ring once and then hang up. United World Telecom will then call you back, prompting you to dial in the number of the individual you are trying to reach. You are then connected and able to receive the lowest rates available. United World Telecom is the only international call service that offers both methods for placing international calls and allows you to decide which calling form works best for you.

This international call service provides excellent account management. From your account, you can view your call history and bill statement and make payments. By email, this service will send you a monthly statement with all the details of your account and let you verify that all the information, and call details, are correct. There are several payment options for this service including paying each month on your credit card or prepaying for the service you wish to use.

We were disappointed to see that United World Telecom charges monthly fees for the use of specific services, such as VoIP calling. Fortunately, direct dialing and international callback are your main methods for placing calls and they do not have any fees attached. There are no fees for connected, missed or busy phone calls. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel your account at United World Telecom.


United World Telecom is an international call service that offers an excellent selection of services and features. The ability to choose between direct dial or international callback is an advantage to using this service, along with the CallMe800 service. If you are looking for several features to create an ideal business phone, this international call service offers call forwarding, speed dial and address book capabilities. You also have full control over your account and have several payment options.

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