Pros / The Go Mini’s 20-foot container was the largest size available among services we reviewed.

Cons / It’s suitable for local moves only.

 Verdict / Go Mini’s is a good choice for a local move, but it doesn’t have as many locations as other container companies we looked at.

If you’re planning a local move within the same city or metro area, Go Mini’s is well worth considering. Go Mini’s quotes for a local move were about $70 less than the average cost for other storage container companies. One of the biggest drawbacks with Go Mini’s is the lack of long-distance move options.

Since Go Mini’s operates on a franchise model, each location is independent. Some locations may have partnerships with nearby locations: For example, the Los Angeles location cooperates with the San Francisco location, but there’s no guarantee that the cities you’re moving between have coordinating locations.

One of Go Mini’s advantages is the three different container sizes. It has a 12-foot, a 16 foot and a 20-foot container. The 20-foot container is the largest size any company offered, so if you’re moving from a large home and need more space, Go Mini’s is worth investigating. A 12-foot container is ideal for a small one-bedroom apartment.

For transitional moves or during a remodel, you can also store the container at a Go Mini’s warehouse. All quotes include one month of free storage, but if you want to store for a longer period, there’s a monthly fee. That ranges from $179 to $259 depending on the size of the container. The storage fees tend to be more expensive than other services in our review, with some even less than $100. However, in some cases, there’s a weekly rate, which can be useful if you’re remodeling a home and need temporary storage.

For local and shorter distance moves, it takes about three days to ship the container from start to finish. This is about average for transit time compared to other companies. Some of the quicker companies, like U-Haul, offer do-it-yourself transportation options, so if you need to get your move done quickly, you may want to consider one of those companies.

Go Mini’s doesn’t provide any help loading or unloading, but it can help you find third-party assistance for an additional cost. You can also purchase packing supplies through Go Mini’s website.

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