Pros / Multiple container options accommodate moves of all sizes.

Cons / PODS has longer transit times.

 Verdict / PODS is one the best value options, providing larger containers for affordable prices.

PODS is one of the most well-known moving container companies. It has locations in over 20,000 cities and even offers service in Canada and Australia. Other services, like Go Mini’s, have fewer locations and only operate locally.

PODS is one of the lower priced options among moving container services. To get a good read on how much it costs to move with PODS, we got quotes for three different types of moves. The example we used was a one-bedroom apartment, so if you’re moving from a larger space, your costs will be higher.

Our first quote was a local move within the same city. We received quotes from a Seattle location. For a short move, PODS’s pricing was about average, though note that our quote reflects a 16-foot container rather than the typical 8-foot container. This is one of the things we liked about PODS – the pricing for its largest containers compare well with quotes we received for smaller containers from other companies.

For moves longer than a few hundred miles, the price was a little above average, but only by a few hundred dollars. Again, this price was for a larger container; you pay less for a smaller container. Compared to a company like U-Pack, which gave us relatively high quotes for smaller containers, PODS was a better value.

Each quote includes delivery, transportation, insurance and one month of free storage. PODS doesn’t require a deposit, and it lets you split the cost into three different payments.

You can also use a PODS container for storage, which is useful if you’re remodeling or renovating. The initial cost includes a month of storage, and if you want to continue using PODS for storage, the monthly fee is $130, which is on the lower end of storage fees.

PODS has three different container sizes: 7-foot, 12-foot and 16-foot. The 7-foot container holds furniture from an average one-bedroom apartment. The 12-foot container is usually only offered for local moves and holds between two and three rooms of furniture. The 16-foot container holds three to four rooms.

PODS works with local regulations that cover when and where its containers can be parked. In some areas you may be required to pay a fee if you want to park the container on the street.

The container delivery estimate from our test was about two to four days for a local move from the starting point to the destination. Longer moves take between nine and eleven days. Both are about average for the services we reviewed.

If you need assistance with packing or unpacking, PODS refers you to local companies through You can also purchase packing supplies through the PODS site.