Pros / You can track the shipment of your containers.

Cons / U-Pack is one of the more expensive services.

 Verdict / With small containers and quick shipments times, U-Pack is a good option if you need a quick move, but you pay extra for speed.

In addition to U-Pack’s moving containers, you can also rent trailer space. Its containers are on the small size, but combined with the trailer options and quick shipping times, U-Pack offers more flexibility and moving options than other companies.

One of the biggest drawbacks of U-Pack is the price – it was consistently one of the most expensive services we looked at. To gauge price we contacted U-Pack for quotes on three different moves: a local move, a hundred-mile move and a thousand-mile move. Our test scenario was based on moving a one-bedroom apartment, which required two U-Pack containers.

The cost for a local move was by far the highest we saw, almost double the amount of the average cost. In some areas U-Pack does not offer local service, but our scenario was based in the Seattle area where we were able to get a quote. The price of a single container doesn’t have a significant price reduction. If you’re planning a local move, U-Pack may not be the best option.

We found U-Pack is better for mid-distance moves. For the 100-mile move, U-Pack had one of the lowest prices, though for the cross-country move it was among the most expensive. These prices did drop considerably when we used a single container. We saw a greater regional variance with U-Pack than other companies.

Each estimate includes delivery, transportation, insurance and a month of free storage. You can use U-Pack’s containers to store your belongings if you’re, say, remodeling a home. The containers can either be stored at U-Pack’s warehouse or at your home, though some cities and states have regulations about where and how long you can have storage containers at your home. The monthly storage fee is $105, which is one of the lowest fees we saw, about $25 less than PODS.

U-Pack only has one container size, which measures 8 x 7 x 6 feet. This is one of the smaller containers in our comparison, and it only holds about one room’s worth of furniture. There are some advantages to using a smaller container, especially if you need to fit it in a small space. These containers fit easily into a standard parking space, so if you’re in a big city, you could have better luck finding space for a smaller U-Pack container than a larger container.

One of U-Pack’s biggest advantages is its speed. It’s easily the fastest container company we reviewed, especially for long-distance moves. Our quoted shipping time of seven to nine days was two to four days quicker than the average time other companies quoted us. Local moves were roughly average, with two to four days to reach the destination.

When you finalize your move through U-Pack you receive a tracking number. You can log into U-Pack’s website and use that number to see where your containers currently are. This can bring you some peace of mind while you wait for your containers to arrive. U-Pack is the only container company that offered this option.

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