Pros / You can send claims information through a mobile app.

Cons / Cost for policies with teen drivers are especially expensive.

 Verdict / American Family has expensive policies but offers a wide range of discounts.

American Family auto insurance offers some nice discount options and other features, but pricewise it was one of the more costly insurers we looked at.

Insurance premiums vary depending on many factors, including the car you drive, where you live, how much you drive and even your credit score. It’s impossible to take everything into account, especially the credit score portion, but we got quotes for a variety of different scenarios.

Using third party research, we look at the policy for one of the cheapest to insure cars and the most expensive cars to insure. American Family’s policy on one of the low cost cars was $500 more than the lowest price we saw, so even if your car is usually cheap to insure, you’ll still pay more with this insurer than you would with others.

We also checked to see how expensive adding a teenage driver would be. Young, inexperienced drivers are one of the biggest factors in high premium rates. American Family is no exception; policies with teenage drivers were nearly double the average premium on our lineup.

American Family does offer many options for earning discounts on your policy. If the young drivers on your policy maintain a B average, you can be eligible for a discount. Other discounts are available for keeping a clean driving record and for signing up to pay your bill through auto pay. You can also get discounts if you have multiple policies through American Family.

You can also sign up for the KnowYourDrive program. You’ll need to install a device on your car that will monitor your driving patterns and evaluate how safe you drive. After it collects enough data you’ll get a discount on your policy, which can be as much as 40% or as little as 2%.

Policies can include rental car reimbursement, so you’ll be able to get around while your car’s in the shop. The lowest level is $25 per day, with a maximum of $750. You can adjust this to your liking, though it will add some additional cost to your premiums.

American Family Auto Insurance Compare Quote

Specifications and Benchmarks


Rental Car Reimbursement
$25 per day / $750 max
Accident Forgiveness
Mobile App Filing


Good Student Discounts
Green Vehicle Discounts
Good Driver Discount
Smart Driving
Auto Pay Discount


Low Premium Car Quote (100/300/100)
High Premium Car Quote (100/300/100)
2-Car Policy Quote (100/300/100)
Minimum Policy Quote
Teenage Driver Policy Quote