Pros / Lowest quoted policy costs.

Cons / Some policies don’t include rental reimbursements.

 Verdict / Farmers quoted us the lowest rates by far, and it offers many opportunities for discounts.

Our choice for the best value in auto insurance is Farmers Insurance. We got the lowest quotes across the board, no matter what type of policy we looked at. Farmers also offers many opportunities to get discounts on your policy and some useful tools in its mobile app for speeding up the claims process.

All insurance premium rates are based on a variety of factors. These include the type of car you drive, where you live, your age and driving history. Your credit history also plays a part in determining how much your insurance policy will cost. Having just a good score in the 650-700 range can increase your premium by several hundred dollars.

We used some third-party research on which types of cars are the most and least expensive to insure to base our quotes around. And no matter the car, Farmers gave us the lowest price. The average premium rate for the low cost car on our lineup was around $500 and Farmers quoted us a rate of $200. For a more expensive car, Farmers quoted us a rate of $290, while the other insurers averaged $700. Farmers had the smallest gap between the low and expensive to insure cars, much lower than insurers like GEICO, which nearly doubled the price.

When we got a quote for a policy with two cars, Farmers was once again the lowest, quoting us a policy for $380 while the rest of our lineup averaged over $700. Policies with teenage drivers often add a nearly 80 percent increase to the premium rate. A Farmers policy with a teen driver added was $470, significantly less than our lineup’s average of $1,400.

These quotes reflect the industry’s recommended coverage levels of 100/300/100. Every state has its own minimum limits, which are often around 20/65/20. The quote we got for a Farmers policy with the minimum level was $95, the only policy that didn’t cross the $100 threshold.

Once again, we need to stress that these are only example quotes and a lot of factors can increase your costs, the least of which is your personal credit score, which our quotes did not take into account.

You can get further savings on your policy if you’re eligible for one of the many discounts Farmers offers. If the students on your policy maintain a B average or make the Honor Roll or Dean’s list you could earn a discount on your policy. If you have a hybrid, electric or alternative fuel vehicle you’ll also get a lower rate. Experienced drivers who have a clean driving record will also get reduced rates.

You can also add accident forgiveness onto your policy for an additional cost. If you choose this add-on you’ll get one accident forgiven for every three years you drive without one. Often the marginal cost of purchasing this extra coverage can offset the premium increase that occurs after getting in an accident.

One thing we did notice when getting quotes from Farmers is that some of the lower cost and basic coverage policies didn’t include rental reimbursement. This isn’t a deal breaker, and it’s an optional service on many of the other companies we got quotes from.

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