Pros / Nationwide’s accident forgiveness can be extended to all drivers on your policy.

Cons / Can’t submit claims information through the mobile app.

 Verdict / Nationwide’s rates are roughly average, but it offers options like accident forgiveness and vanishing deductibles that can keep your rates low.

As far as price is concerned, Nationwide’s premiums are roughly average. You can also open bank accounts and take out loans through Nationwide. So if you’re interested in keeping those two things together, Nationwide may be a good choice for you.

We got quotes for a variety of different policies, including those with expensive-to-insure cars, policies with multiple cars and policies with teenage drivers. When we compared Nationwide’s quoted rates to those of the other insurers we reviewed, we saw that its rates came the closest to the average, usually $100 above or below.

Most of our quotes reflect policies in line with the industry recommended 100/300/100 coverage levels. When we got a quote from Nationwide for a policy with the minimal coverage allowed by law, it too was right about average, around $400 where the average cost we saw was $385.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only example quotes and a lot of factors go into determining how much you’ll pay for an auto policy. Insurers look at the type of car you drive, how much you drive it, your driving record and where you live. Your credit history also influences your premium rate. By having a credit score in the “good” range, between 650-700, you can pay several hundred dollars more on your premium than if you had an excellent score.

Nationwide offers many opportunities to earn a discount on your policy. By maintaining a good driving record you’ll save, and if you have any students on your policies you can earn a discount if they maintain a B average at school.

You can earn further discounts if you opt to sign up for Nationwide’s SmartRide program. You earn a 5% discount and can earn as much at 40% off your policy if you meet certain thresholds. Nationwide will send a small device that you’ll plug into your phone. This device monitors driving habits like how much you drive, how hard you break and how fast you accelerate.

Nationwide also has an accident forgiveness option, which is available in certain states. You pay a little extra on your policy, determined by some of the same factors that influence your premium rate, and it will prevent your rates from increasing after an accident.

Nationwide Compare Quote

Specifications and Benchmarks


Rental Car Reimbursement
$30 per day / $900 max
Accident Forgiveness
Mobile App Filing


Good Student Discounts
Green Vehicle Discounts
Good Driver Discount
Smart Driving
Auto Pay Discount


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High Premium Car Quote (100/300/100)
2-Car Policy Quote (100/300/100)
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