It is not easy to contemplate the death of yourself or your loved ones, but that is no excuse to be unprepared if it should come to pass. Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance offers Funeral Advantage, a comprehensive final expense insurance option to suit almost every type of end-of-life need.

The Cash Insurance Benefit component of the plan allows applicants to become approved by answering a brief one-page health questionnaire. No medical examination is necessary, meaning that people with pre-existing conditions are often accepted. With this plan, rates and benefits are locked in for the length of the policy. Benefits can be as high as $35,000, with an extra $100,000 available in case of accidental death.

The second component of Funeral Advantage is the Family Support Services package that is included free of charge to all policies. Upon the event of a policyholder’s death, a network of support arrives to assist with the planning and executing of funeral details, providing added relief not generally found in most final expense insurance policies.

Upon enrollment into Funeral Advantage, a two-page form for final wishes is filled out with the policyholder’s instructions for the type of funeral desired, as well as other details. The wish list is kept safe and secure. Upon death of the policyholder, loved ones receive a toll-free number that they can call, 24 hours a day, whenever they are in need of additional support. In addition to supporting the bereaved, the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society (FCGS) sets immediately to comparing funeral homes to find the best price. By using these services, families can save significantly on the funeral, burial and cremation, making the coverage go that much farther.

A phone number at the top of the Lincoln Heritage website directs potential buyers to an agent who can answer all their questions. Additionally, the Lincoln Heritage website features testimonials from people who have benefited from the FCGS involvement and support.

The Cash Insurance Benefit portion of this policy is similar to many others. What sets this funeral and burial insurance plan apart is the Family Support Services Package. In addition to providing financial security, this policy also provides a bit of emotional peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will have access to a professional support network to help them through this stressful time.

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