Pros / This company strives to give you the most accurate insurance quotes possible.

Cons / There is a little more electronic paperwork to fill out with than with some other firms.

 Verdict / This firm provides insurance quotes almost immediately, gives you access to agents at major insurance companies and offers useful information on its website.

Our Top Ten Revieews Bronze Award winner, functions as an independent insurance agency in an area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Along with that, tries to find the right insurance company for you by providing access to multiple insurance companies and rates at once. The company has built partnerships with some of the leading insurance companies in the United States and its stated goal is to give you the most accurate insurance quote possible, whether you are seeking car insurance quotes or quotes for some other type of insurance.

Types of Insurance Quoted is an insurance agency and they give quotes on all major types of insurance. offers quotes for auto, homeowners, renters, life and health coverage.

In addition, it provides quotes for other types of insurance (such travel insurance) as well as insurance coverage for such lesser known things as the contents of apartments and condominiums and courier insurance to cover people who are paid to deliver products, whether they work for a company or are self-employed. This insurance quote service also can provide you with quotes for pet insurance for dogs, cats, birds, exotic pets and other animals.

Ease of Use

The quote process for is straightforward and direct. You choose the type of insurance you need, enter your zip code and then the application directs you to a quote request form that you can easily fill out. Once you complete the form, matches your information to companies with services that most closely meet your insurance needs, whether you are seeking car insurance quotes, information about health insurance or something else. You get a nearly instant choice of online providers who have other forms that you can quickly fill out to get a list of insurance packages that you can examine.

You also can have selected insurance companies process your request and contact you via email, fax or phone with a quote. We looked for car insurance quotes and were directed to two companies that could provide us with auto insurance quotes immediately.

One firm presented a list of different insurance plans at various cost levels and invited us to call a toll-free number anytime, email the firm or enter our phone number and someone would phone us right away. The other presented us with yet another form to fill out, but it did not take much time, and the company involved provided reasonably priced car insurance quotes just seconds after we sent in the information. asks some questions on its original form that seek sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, which may be troubling to some consumers. However, these questions are optional and you can still proceed without disclosing this information if you choose. However, if you do list this data, it can be useful and can help expedite and ensure the accuracy of the process and quote. secures your private information using a VeriSign SSL Certificate. Information exchanged with any address beginning with https is encrypted using SSL before transmission, which adds a level of security to protect your personal information. That might alleviate the fears of some consumers who are reluctant to input anything about their personal identification, health issues, driving record or other matters.

The site also offers quite an assortment of other useful information, such as insurance-related articles and links to other sites. does a good of job keeping you informed about insurance matters, including some things that you might never have thought of before.

For example, one article explains that the average dog bite claim in the United States one particular year cost slightly under $30,000. If you own a pooch that, for whatever reason, ends up biting someone, you could be liable for injuries that person sustains. If you do not have insurance coverage, you might end up footing the bill for the cost of any medical treatment, lost wages, emotional pain or damage to property.

Quotes Supplied

Even though is an insurance agency itself, the firm has entered into partnerships with such nationally recognizable companies as Travelers, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford, MetLife and others.

One thing that sets apart from other online insurance quote sites is that the quotes you receive are actually generated directly from an insurance company and not from an agent – the quotes are accurate rate quotes, not ballpark estimates. If you do not want to wait for an email or an agent to contact you, there always is the option to call yourself and request a quote over the phone.

Help & Support Options offers an easy-to- find Contact Us page where you will find a toll-free telephone number and an email address. There is also a FAQs section and other pages that offer you useful information regarding insurance.

We tried to contact by email, but did not receive a response. In this era of electronic communication, a timely email response is mandatory for good customer service.

Summary is an insurance agency that can get you a competitive quote directly from several of the largest insurance companies in the country.'s form requires a little more time to fill out than some of the others we encountered, but the extra information creates a more accurate quote. Unfortunately, if you have questions, the customer service proved impossible to reach by email, which really takes away from the overall ranking of this service.

Please note: Since all of the service providers reviewed offer their service free to the consumer, we suggest that you use several providers and submit a form from several of the top ranked providers. This will increase your chances for getting a variety of quotes from a variety of agencies. You have nothing to lose except maybe a few minutes of your time filling out the form.