Pros / You get exceptionally fast responses to requests for insurance quotes.

Cons / There is no email address to communicate with the InsureMe company.

 Verdict / This company can provide plenty of information quickly, and its website offers many helpful articles, glossaries and money-saving tips.

Any search for money-saving insurance quotes should include a long and penetrating look at InsureMe. Our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award winner has established relationships with some of the most competitive insurance companies in the business, and you can examine insurance quotes for different types of coverage that include car insurance quotes as well as quotes for health, medical, home and life insurance.

InsureMe is not an insurance agency in itself, but it can instantly get plenty of quotes from a number of agencies within your zip code area. InsureMe does not provide coverage program information for all types of insurance, but does assist you in getting data and connections to a healthy number of insurers for several insurance needs.

Types of Insurance Quoted

InsureMe offers free quotes for several insurance options, including auto, homeowners, renters, life, individual and family health. They also provide quite a few options for quote searches that a number of other services do not. Some of these include condominium, universal life, and whole life insurance. Unfortunately, InsureMe does not offer anything in the way of business insurance, such as professional liability and workers compensation.

InsureMe does a commendable job of educating consumers about different types of insurance, how things work in the insurance world and practical tips on how you can save money. An example: Do you want to lower your renter’s insurance? InsureMe suggests you ask your insurance agent about discounts for alarm systems, smoke detectors and deadbolt locks. While you are at it, stop smoking. Smokers pay higher insurance premiums because it can not only endanger their possessions, but their lives as well.

InsureMe provides a veritable library of articles and information on auto, homeowners, renters, health, life and long-term care insurance, as well as insurance in general. InsureMe even has articles about the benefits of “going green” when it comes to insurance. Why would any insurance company care about this, you ask? Studies have shown policyholders who are more environmentally conscious tend to be more responsible, healthier and more mature, which in turn makes them better insurance risks. Some major insurance companies now offer incentives for policyholders who make their homes more environmentally friendly or drive hybrid cars.

Ease of Use

After you complete the online application, InsureMe instantly attempts to match the information you provided with insurance providers in your geographical area. Your information is electronically sent to compatible agencies and they can work up their best quotes. You get information emailed to you literally within minutes. You also can arrange for agents to contact you with their rates or more complete information about insurance options.

If InsureMe cannot find an agent in your area, it can refer you to several other organizations that also seek out insurance quotes closer to your zip code area. We submitted a request for health insurance and InsureMe could not provide a quote from any of its partner agents. However, InsureMe almost instantly presented a list of other companies that could do so. We filled out another brief online form for one of them and got information about health insurance plans, details about the type of insurance offered, deductibles, coinsurance, office visits, finding doctors and monthly premium costs.

All this took place in less than a minute.

Many providers offer different health insurance plans. You can select plans within a specific provider company and then click on the "compare checked plans" button to see the differences in services and costs. The whole process is handy, fast and convenient.

Getting car insurance quotes via InsureMe worked like a charm as well. We submitted basic information and quickly got a quote from one company and the option to get more car insurance quotes from four others. We also got email contacts from agents in short order. InsureMe makes the whole process fast, uncomplicated and informative.

InsureMe promises to protect your personal information by encrypting data that goes to and from its site. The company also presents a detailed privacy policy on its website so you can see what this firm will and will not do with any information that you have sent to it.

Quotes Supplied

InsureMe's service is geographically based. In other words, your quote request is distributed to its partners – agents who have signed up with InsureMe’s service – within a certain zip code area. The agents closest to your zip code will prepare a quote for you based on the information you have supplied. InsureMe aims to supply each consumer with at least five competitive quotes, free of charge with no obligations. Of course, the number of quotes the company is able to provide will depend on the number of agent-partners in your area.

Help & Support Options

InsureMe provides a FAQs section on its website that answers basic questions. You also get a useful insurance glossary that defines commonly used terms.

In addition, you have access to handy printable guides to auto, home, health and life insurance that include quote comparison sheets, a checklist, questions to ask yourself before signing up for coverage and other tips and ideas. The information is helpful and the questions are insightful and serious, although a few sometimes add a bit of whimsy. This is one example: “How likely is it that a guest in your home will be injured and try to sue your knickers off? In today’s litigious society, liability coverage is not the place to skimp.”

With InsureMe, you get a toll–free telephone support number that you can call during regular business hours, Mountain Standard Time. You also get a fax number and a mailing address for traditional correspondence if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, InsureMe does not provide an email address if you have questions that need answers faster than snail mail can give you. We were disappointed that InsureMe lacks this feature, which has become essential in everyday business dealings.


InsureMe's service, like most others, is only as good as the agents who have signed up to collaborate with InsureMe. The site is so easy to navigate that you can get around it quickly even if you are not particularly tech-minded. InsureMe falls short in the area of business insurance, such as professional liability and workers compensation.

However, InsureMe provides timely quotes that cover many types of insurance needs, including basics such as car insurance quotes. This company also goes out of its way to enlighten you about insurance and even encourages you to shop around until you find the right policy for your needs.

Please note: Since all of the service providers reviewed offer their service free to the consumer, we suggest that you use several providers and submit a form from several of the top-ranked providers. This will increase your chances for getting a variety of quotes from a variety of agencies. You have nothing to lose except maybe a few minutes of your time filling out the form.