Pros / NetQuote is connected to thousands of insurance agents and can get several quotes from providers no matter where you live.

Cons / Customer support through email could use some improvement.

 Verdict / This company provides several insurance quotes at a time, is easy to use and makes serious efforts to protect your privacy.

When it comes to speedy information, NetQuote is the leader of the pack. This free consumer service lets you get up to four competitive insurance quotes from various licensed companies in your geographical area in just a few minutes. It is all online, it is free and it involves an ultra-streamlined process of simply filling out a form with basic information and hitting the send button on your computer. Literally within minutes, you can see a wide range of choices brought to you by NetQuote, ranging from car insurance quotes to quotes for a whole range of other insurance options.

NetQuote offers fast and secure service, and has an extensive array of providers from which to select the right one for you. These and others features easily make it our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner.

NetQuote has working relationships with thousands of insurance agents throughout the United States and Canada, all of whom offer a considerable variety of insurance policies. NetQuote will find you car insurance quotes as well as quotes for other types of coverage, including business, health, life, homeowners and renters.

The company has been in business since 1989. Since that time, it has been offering consumers a fast and no-cost method of shopping for affordable health insurance and other policies from the comfort of their own homes. With such an established business history, NetQuote officials clearly understand the market and their customers. The company has streamlined its initial quote request form into a simple and effective tool that you can fill out in just a minute or two and, in a surprisingly short period of time, get results that you can study and compare.

This company also pledges to protect your privacy and not to sell any of your personal information.

Types of Insurance Quoted

NetQuote offers many different types of insurance that you can check for quotes and then begin your own comparisons. Among other things, NetQuote can find quotes for you for such things as homeowners, renters, health, group health and auto.

In addition, NetQuote can help entrepreneurs and other business owners with business insurance when it comes to property coverage, natural disasters, liability of all kinds and business interruption insurance to address any financial losses due to an unexpected event that shuts down your company’s operation. There also are quotes for insurance coverage options for the business owner and employees ranging from coverage in the event that someone gets hurt on the job to more routine matters such as health, disability and life insurance offered as employee benefits.

NetQuote offers free informational articles about different types of insurance on its website. Since many types of insurance are, or at least sound, quite complex, it is helpful to be armed with as much information as possible before signing up for any type of policy and forking over your hard-earned money.

You can also choose to sign up for NetQuote's free eNewsletter that will arrive in your email inbox each month with tips on how to save money.

Ease of Use

It is easy to apply for a quote with NetQuote. You just enter your zip code and choose the type of insurance you are looking for, and then a quote wizard pops open. The wizard asks you a series of basic questions and then submits your information to a variety of insurance agents closest to your zip code. You receive emailed insurance plans within seconds, and most of the quoting companies will allow you to apply for insurance online. If you want more information, you can request that the insurance agents contact you by email, fax or telephone regarding your request for insurance information.The process is quite fast and straightforward. Our request for a quote regarding health insurance elicited responses from several health insurance firms within just a couple of minutes.

Some responses presented substantial information such as plan types, details of the plan, finding a doctor, the monthly premium costs and how much it would cost for deductibles, co-insurance, office visits and more. With some insurance companies, you can compare coverage options by checking the ones that interest you and then comparing them electronically.

With car insurance quotes, we got the same results: a speedy response, plenty of choices and opportunities to link up with insurance agents if we chose. The whole endeavor is super fast and easy. You won’t be wasting any time using this process. NetQuote secures your private information using a VeriSign SSL certificate. Any information is encrypted before it is sent, so you and your highly personal information are protected from prying eyes.

Additionally, NetQuote publishes a comprehensive protection policy on its website that states exactly what it will and will not do with your personal information and internet habits. NetQuote pledges never to sell or share your information to any person or organization unless you allow it or the company is required to produce it by law enforcement officials or a court order. NetQuote will share information with its participating agents if you are seeking insurance as part of its business arrangement with you since you are seeking insurance quotes. However, if you decide you do not want insurance agents contacting you, you can communicate with the agents and tell them to stop.

Quotes Supplied

NetQuote's goal is to supply each consumer with at least four competitive quotes. Since the requests are based on your geographical location, you may receive fewer quotes than that if there are a limited number of providers in your area. NetQuote supplies the quotes free of charge and you are not obligated to pay anything or sign up with any plan.

Insurance agents may contact you via email, telephone or fax depending on what information you supplied regarding your preferred method of contact. Some providers also allow you to apply for insurance online, as well.

Help & Support Options

NetQuote offers an email address and toll-free phone number for any direct inquiries. Unfortunately, we never received a response back to our email inquiry. Most likely you will not need help because the request process is so simple and direct. However, if you do need any type of assistance, you might have to wait for quite a while since the only other contact for written questions is a mailing address.

However, NetQuote's website offers a FAQs section as well as links to several other pages that offer answers to questions you might have. This company has many other outstanding qualities, particularly its extensive network of participating companies and agents.


With more than two decades in this business, NetQuote has spent years building working relationships with insurance companies and agents to try to bring you the best rates possible. The referral process is streamlined and efficient. In addition, NetQuote has expanded its coverage area recently and can therefore offer you a larger number of quotes.

We were impressed with how quickly quotes came in. Their customer support does some improvement. However, do not let this minor issue stop you from requesting a quote through NetQuote. Whether you are seeking auto insurance quotes, online health insurance quotes or information regarding other kinds of insurance packages, NetQuote can help. Requests only take a few minutes to submit, the service is free, and the more quotes you can get back the more choices you have to fulfill your insurance needs.

Please note: Since all of the service providers reviewed offer their service free to the consumer, we suggest that you submit a form through several of the top-ranked providers. This will increase your chances for getting a variety of quotes from a variety of agencies. You have nothing to lose except a few minutes of your time filling out the form.