Pros / The Insurance Place gives you fast quotes for reasonably priced insurance.

Cons / There is more electronic paperwork to fill out here than with many other insurance quote services.

 Verdict / This service does not cover every type of insurance out there, but you will get a good sense of what the marketplace is offering and charging.

You can find free quotes for a variety of reasonably priced insurance plans through The Insurance Place. The forms you fill out are quite simple, and you can get online responses literally within minutes. If you choose, these requests can be sent quickly to insurance agents in your area who can contact you with your with insurance quotes and other information.

The Insurance Place seems to focus heavily on health related insurance plans, although the service does offer assistance in obtaining quotes for several other types of insurance.

The Insurance Place offers quotes on coverage options for homeowners, term life, individual and family health, group health, long-term care, dental, Medicare supplement and child-only insurance. Additionally, you can get car insurance quotes, information about life insurance plans that do not require a medical exam and data about cosmetic dental coverage.

We sought car insurance quotes with The Insurance Place, and within minutes we were presented with three nationally recognized companies with offices in our geographic location that could offer a variety of coverage packages. We filled out a few more forms, and in just a minute or two we got reasonably priced and comprehensive car insurance quotes displayed on our computer screen.

The original information form that The Insurance Place gives you to get started is simple to fill out and quickly provides you with several insurance companies from which to choose. From there, you must do a little more electronic paperwork, but that does not take an extraordinary amount of time and you get information quite fast.

The sources for health insurance quotes vary from one state to the next, depending on which agencies have collaborated with The Insurance Place. The numbers can vary greatly. In one state, we had the choice of five organizations that could provide different quotes. After filling out a form for The Insurance Place, we then filled out another and got three new providers that could give us detailed information about health insurance plans.

We chose one and filled out even more forms, and that yielded 74 plans with a variety of health insurance providers. The information we ultimately received gave us details about types of plans, deductibles, coinsurance, copay costs and monthly fees. The plans offered a number of choices in terms of care, and the monthly costs ranged from affordable to costly. Although there was plenty of electronic paperwork involved, we ended up with a considerable amount of information.

The Insurance Place has a Contact Us page. There is help or support available in the form of an email form that you fill in with any questions you might have. You can choose to have The Insurance Place reply by email or by phone. There also is a short FAQs section. You also get tips for saving on some types of insurance – for example, maintaining a good driving record and a good credit history can impact your car insurance premiums.

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 You can get free, no-obligation insurance quotes and get them quickly with The Insurance Place. The service does not cover every type of insurance on the market, but does offer a significant number of insurance quotes will be useful in your search for the right insurance for you.

Please note: Since all of the service providers reviewed offer their service free to the consumer, we suggest that you use several providers and submit a form from several of the top ranked providers. This will increase your chances for getting a variety of quotes from a variety of agencies. You have nothing to lose except maybe a few minutes of your time filling out the form.

The Insurance Place Compare Quotes