Pros / Water damage is covered as part of the policy.

Cons / The premiums for some geographic areas can be extremely expensive.

 Verdict / Allstate has excellent coverage, with water and sewer damage standard and generous allowances for high-ticket items.

If you have high-value items like expensive jewelry, then Allstate renters insurance is a good company to consider. The premiums for the most part are at or below average, but for some high-risk areas, the policies are far more expensive than other companies.

In our testing, we sought out quotes for different areas around the United States. For most locations, Allstate's premiums were very reasonable, especially considering the coverage. However, in Detroit, it charged nearly twice what most companies did. Detroit is the third most dangerous city in the nation, and also has a high arson risk. We checked other most dangerous cities, and the policy prices for apartment renters insurance were closer to what other companies charged, but if you live in a high-risk city, you are more likely to find cheaper insurance elsewhere.

This rental insurance company offers good coverage. Unlike most insurances, it does not set overall limits on how much it reimburses, but rather limits payout for individual items. For example, it reimburses you up to $1,000 per item of jewelry that's lost, damaged or stolen. Most companies set their total reimbursement at $1,000, and give you the option to purchase additional coverage. Thus, if you have expensive pieces of jewelry, art, firearms or other high-value items, it's worth your while to get a quote from Allstate.

The one place it falls short on coverage, however, is electronics, which reimburses $1,000 per item. If you have expensive computers, you should speak with an agent about additional coverage.

Another advantage to Allstate is that it includes water and sewer damage as part of its policy. Most agencies require you to purchase this as an endorsement.

If you have questions, Allstate has an online chat during business hours. The online quote process itself is extremely basic. You may need to call a local agent to ask about specific coverages or situations.

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Allstate provides good renters insurance with generous coverage for high-value items such as jewelry, firearms or fine art. Its coverage for computers may need upgrading. Overall, the premiums are reasonable, but if you live in Detroit or other risky areas, you may find cheaper quality insurance with other agencies that we reviewed.

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