Pros / This company provides insurance everywhere we checked, including high-claims areas.

Cons / Liberty Mutual's premiums were higher than average for the coverage it provides compared to other top renters insurance agencies.

 Verdict / Although more expensive than most renters insurance companies we priced, Liberty Mutual offers sound coverage with good endorsements and discount opportunities.

Liberty Mutual charges more for renters insurance than other companies, but it has good coverage, group discounts and a good computer-and-smartphone coverage endorsement. Its online quote process was easy, and there is a live chat if you have questions.

This renters insurance covers your property, liability, medical payout for someone injured in your home and loss of use. (Loss of use applies when your apartment is too damaged to live in. It covers additional expenses that come from living in a hotel or elsewhere while your apartment is being repaired or while you search for a new place to live.) We solicited quotes for a policy a typical single person may need, for apartments in several areas of the United States.

Liberty Mutual was one of the most expensive in every area. However, it covered every city we looked at, even places that were denying clients because the area had had too many claims. Thus, if you live in an area with frequent natural disasters or high risks, Liberty Mutual could be a surer bet than other agencies.

If you belong to organizations, clubs or attended college, you may qualify for a group discount. Liberty Mutual has agreements with over 14,000 organizations, including employers, alumni and civic groups, to offer discounts to their members.

Like with many companies, Liberty Mutual covers your property, not just when it's in your apartment. Rather, your renter's insurance protects your property whether it's in your car, with you on vacation or in the middle of a move. It also covers damage to someone else's property if the damage originates from your apartment. This includes, for example, reimbursing your neighbor for damage to his or her couch (or computer) if your tub overflows and water drips into their apartment. This hypothetical case would be covered under liability, which most companies set at $100,000.

The online quote system gives you a quick estimate of the value of your property based on the number of rooms in your apartment. It is good for a general figure but may not be accurate. On the website, Liberty Mutual offers a renters insurance coverage calculator, which asks you to price out groups of items, like electronics and clothes, and adds it up for you.

Most insurance companies set limits on how much they reimburse for specific high-value items, like jewelry or firearms, and then offer endorsements to the policy to add coverage or decrease deductibles. Liberty Mutual's limits are around average - $2,500 for electronics, firearms and silverware; $1,500 for jewelry. You may want to consider an endorsement for electronics, especially since it comes with a $50 deductible as opposed to the $500 or more deductible that is standard with property insurance.

You can file your claims online or over the phone 24/7. You can manage your account online as well.

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Liberty Mutual offers renters insurance across the nation, even in areas some companies won't cover. The rates are somewhat higher than average, but it has many discount opportunities, especially through memberships in groups or alumni associations. The online quote process is easy, and there are many ways to reach customer assistance with questions. It's worth pricing out, especially if you live in a high-claims area.

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