Pros / InsureandGo offers a plan with cruise-specific features.

Cons / This agency does not reimburse lost mileage or cancellations due to default by the carrier.

 Verdict / Although it does not cover the less likely trip emergencies, InsureandGo nonetheless covers the standard travel insurance needs well. It's a choice worth considering for those looking for bargain or cruise-specific options.

InsureandGo travel insurance covers the basics for reimbursement should you have to cancel your trip or have a medical emergency during your travels. It also has a plan geared for cruises. While it lacks some of the features commonly found with other travel insurance agencies, it is one of the cheapest we evaluated.

We priced out three different plans – a Mississippi river cruise, a vacation in France and an Antarctic adventure. In each case, InsureandGo's plans were significantly cheaper than most of the others in our lineup – sometimes hundreds of dollars below the average. In order to provide these less expensive plans, this trip insurance company does not cover some of the popular but less likely events that others insure, such as trip cancellation due to airline, tour company or cruise line insolvency. It also does not reimburse some of the smaller expenses, like change fees or lost prescriptions, and it lacks a concierge service that most travel insurance companies provide gratis.

If you are more interested in the basic coverage, however, you may find it's a good deal. It compares well to other plans for how much it reimburses for cancellations, interruptions and delays, and is above average when it comes to lost luggage or baggage delays. It's one of the highest for covering medical expenses. In addition, it has cruise plans with extra coverage for missed departures and compensation for missed cruise days should illness confine you to your cabin.

This company does not provide concierge services, such as a hotline to call to get restaurant reservations, hotel recommendations or even help finding a lawyer. However, for medical emergencies, InsureandGo can locate a doctor for you. As with any insurance, the features, prices and terms vary by your need, so be sure to check the online contracts when you price out your specific plan. This agency does not reimburse lost mileage or cancellations due to default by the carrier. A company that provides this service is Travel Insured International.

We found the procedures and rules for filing to be about average. The travel insurance agency is clear about what it requires, specifically noting proof in writing for any event that may lead to a claim. As with other travel insurance companies, you need to download the form, but the forms include a checklist of the required paperwork. If you have questions of an administrative nature, you need to call during business hours, but there is a 24/7 line to call if you have an emergency while on your trip.

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While InsureandGo does not cover all the features of other higher-ranked travel insurances we reviewed, it nonetheless does a good job at covering the basics, with above-average compensation for medical needs and some extra considerations for cruises. The paperwork checklist on the claims form makes it easier to file a claim. It lacks some amenities like concierge service and a 24/7 line for non-emergency questions, but with one of the lowest rates of the insurances we reviewed, it's worth pricing out.

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Specifications and Benchmarks

Claim Filing Process

Delayed or Cancelled Flight
Lost or Stolen Luggage
Cancelled Tour or Planned Excursions
Medical & Emergency Cancellation
Local Hospitalization Coverage
Secured Evac Payout

Help & Support

Cancellation Policy
10 Days
English-Speaking 24-Hour Telephone Assistance
Sample Contracts Online
Local Agents Available

Sample Rates

2-Person U.S. Cruise
2-Person France Vacation
2-Person International Adventure
Average Percent of Trip Cost

Emergency Medical Benefits

Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
Up to $500K
Medical Expenses
Up to $500K
Pre-Existing Conditions Waivers (Days)
Dental Coverage
Prescription Assistance
Emergency Companion

Quick Picks

Standout Benefit
Cruise Insurance

Trip Cancellation & Interruption

Up to 150%
Delay Compensation
Up to $500
Minimum Trip Delay (Hours)
Missed Connection
Up to $500
Lost Luggage
Up to $2000
Luggage Delay
Up to $800
Miles or Reward Card Reimbursement
Trip Cancellation - Any Reason
Flight Ticket Change
Financial Default