Pros / It’s free to download reports.

Cons / It has the least accurate reports.

 Verdict / Subscriptions are budget-friendly, but the reports don’t contain up-to-date information.

Verispy has the dubious distinction of being the least accurate people search we reviewed. The data we received from its report was incorrect and often out-of-date by at least ten years. Although the prices for reports are reasonable, with such an ineffective search, we recommend buying a higher ranked service.

During our testing process, we requested reports for three different people and checked them for accuracy and timeliness. We searched the reports for information including address history, email and phone numbers, marriages, relatives and criminal history.

Typically, a people search report lists all the addresses you’ve lived at, starting with your current address. With Verispy we noted that each report was at least 10 years behind, listing very old addresses. In addition, it only lists one address and doesn’t offer a timeline of each subject’s whereabouts. Similar to addresses, the phone numbers Verispy lists were correct, but very out-of-date. Biographical details and birthdates were also inaccurate.

One of our main issues was with the criminal history section of the report. It pulled in citations and police reports for similar names, but unlike other services, did not flag them as potential matches. So use caution when looking at criminal histories.

In terms of pricing, an individual background report is $19.95, the lowest price for services we reviewed. However, since the reports aren’t especially accurate, it may not be worth the cost. You can get a monthly subscription for $29.95, which is about average for these services. Free PDF downloads of your reports are one bright spot with Verispy, something other services like Instant Checkmate or BeenVerified charge for.

Verispy has one of the more frustrating search experiences of these services, especially if you’re looking for someone with a common name. It doesn’t give you the option to filter results, and sometimes returns error messages for basic searches. For instance, when we did a reverse search via cell phone number, the results reference an anonymous wireless caller instead of the name of our target. We clicked the link provided to search the owner of the number, and Verispy searched “Wireless Caller” instead of a first and last name, which was not helpful.

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