Pros / This software has good learning content for business travelers.

Cons / The lessons only focus on vocabulary and pronunciation.

 Verdict / You learn hundreds of French words with this program, but not how to use them in a sentence.

Lessons in Instant Immersion primarily cover vocabulary to help you learn French. Each lesson follows the same formula, so you can start anywhere in the course and create your own learning path. Most of the vocabulary exercises are matching and flashcard games, and this software has a picture dictionary to help you associate French vocabulary with images. The learning content in Instant Immersion is a good fit for those who enjoy visual aids.

The speaking practice section tests your pronunciation skills. You play back your recorded attempts and compare your accent to a native speaker’s, but the program doesn’t have an accuracy gauge to grade your attempts, which is a standard feature found in programs like Rosetta Stone and Easy French Platinum. You can choose to speak with or without French audio prompts to challenge yourself. This speaking section quizzes you on a series of four, eight or 10 vocabulary words at a time.

Most of the lessons focus on single words, but there is a section that covers common phrases. However, there is no material to teach grammar or how to string the vocabulary words together beyond this. Memorizing common phrases can be important for conversation, but if you don’t understand sentence structure, it’s hard to converse about topics that are unfamiliar.

This is the only learn French software we reviewed with a designated section for conducting business in French. The Talk Business module covers useful vocabulary for banking, international stocks, eCommerce, marketing, public relations, negotiations and traveling.

Instant Immersion also comes with a printed pocket guide with useful French words, their phonetic pronunciations and English translations. Additionally, you can load the audio CD on your computer, listen to it in your car or transfer the audio to your phone and listen on the go. Access to the mobile app is included with your purchase and has beginner lessons you can use without being connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data. These aren’t modern applications like the online lessons or mobile apps with other programs, but they’re useful tools that help you learn French when you’re away from your home computer.

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Instant Immersion is French learning software that builds your vocabulary. This software comes with a print pocket guide, installation DVD and audio lessons. It covers general vocabulary needed for travel, as well as words and phrases you need to conduct international business. This program is best for someone with previous French experience since it doesn’t have lessons on language mechanics or verb conjugation to help you put new vocabulary into cohesive sentences.

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