Pros / The quick-start menu can help beginners start floor planning and designing 3D models quickly.

Cons / This software lacks landscaping templates.

 Verdict / While this program isn’t as comprehensive as others we tested, it's strong software for redesigning the interior of your home regardless of your skill level.

Novice interior designers will find a lot to like with Punch Interior Design v19 for Mac. This home design software offers predesigned sample plans and training materials to help you get started. When it comes to all-around home design features, the tools aren’t as extensive as those of other software in our lineup, but its interior design capabilities are full-featured and easy to use.

When you first open the program, you can choose between creating a floor plan from scratch and using one of the template rooms to get you started. Using the quick-start feature, you can easily drag and drop rooms into your floor plan. Once you get your base-level floor plan the way you want it, you can add up to four levels onto your home. If you adjust the height of one level, the rest of the levels adjust automatically.

You can create rooms and walls seamlessly with this program's drawing tools, but it becomes more difficult when a roof is part of the design. You can add a roof to the home design, but then you’ll have to ensure it doesn’t hang too far over the garage or other room sections if you create a plan that isn’t a true square or rectangle.

Adding objects to fill out your empty 3D model is as simple as adding rooms to your floor plan. From the object library, you can choose furniture and appliances and drop them into your 3D model. Then you can change the orientation, size, color and other options so your furniture is exactly how you want it. The object library is respectable, with over 500 new items for this version, including an extensive list of light and electrical switches.

Once you have finished a draft of your design, you can export the 3D plan renditions in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats, but there is no way to export 2D plans. This 3D interior design software differs from other programs we reviewed in that it lacks landscaping templates and other tools related to the exterior of your home. Other products in our lineup are more comprehensive on the overall design of the house, whereas this 3D interior design software focuses solely on the inside of your home.

There is a list of FAQs within the support forum on the Punch website. To access email or telephone support, you have to click on one of the highlighted questions and, when the answer comes up, scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you will find an online support request link and a phone number.

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Punch Interior Design v19 for Mac has strong design capabilities for inside your house, but it lacks landscape templates and other tools for design outside of the home. This is easy-to-use interior design software for Mac that a novice can begin using immediately, though, so it's a good option for digitally remodeling the interior of your home before you spend money on doing it for real.

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