Pros / Even though this software has many extra features such as a notebook, expense reports, driving directions and a password manager, it remains easy to use.

Cons / While it does connect Google calendar, it lacks the app and cloud integration many other organizers offer.

 Verdict / AnyTime Organizer’s strong organizing tools and security features, as well as its ability to connect to Google, make it a good option for busy professionals. This program can help you organize the most important aspects of your life.

Editor's Note: The following review is based on Anytime Organizer 15. The developer has informed us that version 16 is now available. We will post the new test results and reviews when we next test Organizer Software.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe is packed with organizing tools and security features, and even has the ability to connect to Google, making it a good option for busy professionals. This planner software is easy to use even though it has more features than any of its competition. While your mobile access is limited to calendar and contact information, this extensive program keeps you organized in both your professional and personal life.

One of the best things about AnyTime Organizer is how easy it is to use. The software has a clean interface that is easy to navigate, and the menu options are appropriately listed under the expected dropdown menu headers, which make most features easy to find. You can also access the user guide from the software if you need help learning how to use certain tools.

AnyTime Organizer has a lot of tools for organizing your professional and personal life. With the software’s easy-to-use to-do list, you can assign your tasks priority levels and cross off ones you complete. If you don’t get to everything on your to-do list, the organizer software automatically moves uncompleted items to the next day.

And like Organizer Pro, this organizer has a calendar you can use to keep track of important events, dates and meetings. When you set up in-program reminders, the software audibly alerts you when it’s time to complete a task or head off to an appointment. You can also set the program to send you an email or text message reminder to keep you on task. In addition, the program’s built-in schedule ticker scrolls across the top of the program to remind you of tasks.

You can use AnyTime Organizer’s recurring events feature to schedule regularly occurring meetings, anniversaries and birthdays, so you don’t have to input each individual instance manually. Also, you can set the program to notify you of a recurring event however far in advance you want, which gives you time to buy a birthday card or pull together notes for a big presentation. AnyTime also helps you avoid scheduling conflicts; when you try to schedule a meeting overlapping with one already on your calendar, the program alerts you to the problem.

In addition to the calendar tools meant to improve usability, there are fun ones you can add to your schedule. You can download NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, PGA and NASCAR season schedules and add them to your daily planner. The lunar calendar, famous birthdays, international holidays and word-of-the-day add-ins are also available.

This planner software has an address book for storing contact photos and information. The software also provides maps and driving directions for the addresses in your contact list. You can choose to gather this information from several different providers, including Google Maps, Bing Maps, Yahoo Maps and MapQuest. Your AnyTime Organizer contact list is also a useful resource for more traditional forms of correspondence. For example, you can quickly create a list of people when sending out holiday cards; creating a mailing list and printing the address labels is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. You can also create and format a personal letter, then print the letter and the address for easy mailing.

AnyTime Organizer helps you keep track of your spending habits. You can enter information like date, currency and total amount spent, as well as defining expense categories. While you can use this feature to list and categorize your expenses, you can't add and subtract the numbers you input to create totals, and you can't automatically import your spending data from your online bank or credit card account, limiting the tool’s functionality.

This application also has a word processor you can use to take notes or keep journal entries. Each entry has an automatic date and time stamp, so the information is easy to find later. You can display up to 12 clocks on your desktop, which is particularly helpful if you do business with companies in different time zones. The software also has a one-step backup process to keep your important information safe.

If you use the software to house important documents or personal information, you can password protect the application – but rather than entering a single password, you must answer a set of questions to access the software. AnyTime has an encrypted password manager you can use to store IDs, passwords and PIN numbers. The software does not generate passwords, but its security features ensure your confidential information stays private.

To access the data stored in the desktop software from a mobile device, you must synchronize your contacts, tasks and calendars with Google. This limits your mobile access to only your contacts, to-do list and calendar.

You can import data from Microsoft Outlook, Sidekick, Lotus Organizer, Day-Timer Organizer and previous versions of AnyTime. Synchronizing with systems like Outlook is not simple, as the limited number of supported import and export file types complicates the process – you can only import and export CSV or TXT files. You can print or send your planner as a PDF.

AnyTime Organizer’s help and support is simple. This organization software comes with a helpful user guide, complete with quick tips on using the application. The company's website lists a phone number and email address to use to contact technical support. In our own attempts, the company typically took several days to respond to our questions by email. The website also features a FAQs section you can use to find answers to common questions or problems.

AnyTime Organizer has a lot of organizing tools to help you complete personal and professional tasks. This software is one of the best organizers because of its additional features, including expense reports, driving directions and address label printing. Even with all of its functionality, the software remains easy to use and helps you lead a more efficient life.

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