Pros / With an intuitive interface and in-application support, this graphic design software is easy to learn and design on.

Cons / The program lacks several illustration tools, limiting how much original design you can add to your projects.

 Verdict / While the software has a limited number of illustration tools and photo-editing capabilities, it is easy to use. You can easily add filters to your photos, draw your own designs or use the software’s pre-designed templates on your projects.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Graphic Design Software here.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 has some limited features, but it also has some unique capabilities. This graphic design program also has great learning and support tools to help you through your designing process.

This software offers a selection of illustration and photo-editing tools. With the pen tool, you can create vector designs or use it to isolate objects from your background. Unfortunately, it serves as the only vector tool. The software does not have vector brushes or tracing. However, ACDSee has the capabilities to create your own custom brushes. You can alter the weight, stroke, color and opacity of any current brush to help create your own.

The graphic software includes gradients and opacity tools that you can use on photos, designs and text. With over 500 different font styles, you can customize your text to fit your design. You can even use text wrap to make the text fit around your design. Using the pre-designed grids, you can adjust your designs, images or text to align with one another. While the software employs grids to help you with accuracy, it lacks both custom guides and snap-to alignment.

Unfortunately, the graphic design software excludes several illustration tools from its software. It does not offer Pantone swatches. Without Pantone, the colors on the screen may not match the colors on paper if you print your designs. The software also lacks 3-D effects and tablet compatibility, which limits the kind of designs you can create with this software.

In addition to the illustration tools, the software has a selection of photo-editing capabilities. With 77 photo filters, you can create all kinds of effects with your photos. Some of those effects include color correction, where you can adjust the lighting in the photo, or noise removal, where you can remove grain from the image. The software also includes templates that you can use with your photos or to help you create your own designs.

In addition to the photo features, the software has several editing tools. You can directly export your photos and designs to multiple social media sites. With content-aware scaling, you can resize images without distorting them. The mask tool helps you cover unwanted objects to enhance your photos. The software also features batch processing. With this tool, you can apply the same effect or adjustment to multiple objects at once.

Similar to the illustration tools, the graphic design program excludes several standard photo-editing features. ACDSee does not include automatic lens correction, photo merging or HDR imaging. It also lacks a history log, so you cannot review changes you have made to your design. Additionally, you cannot create or import animated GIFs. Without these features, you are limited to what you can do with this software. If you want a software that offers more of these editing and illustration tools, consider looking into Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

The best graphic design software is easy to use. One of the most beneficial features of this software is its usability. It has strong in-application support with how-to information on performing different tasks as you are doing them. It has a different workspace than the other software on the comparison chart; however, ACDSee's tools are clearly labelled and easy to locate. For support outside of the software, ACDSee has user support forums, as well as contact information for its support team by email and phone.

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ACDSee Photo Editor 6 may not have as many illustration tools and photo-editing capabilities as other software programs, but it has the necessary features to create your own unique designs and the tools to effectively manipulate your images with ease.

ACDSee Photo Editor 6 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Illustration Tools

Pen Tool
Vector Tracing
Vector Brushes
Custom Brushes
Gradients & Opacity
Pantone Swatches
3D Effects
Custom Guides
Snap-to Alignment
Text Wrap
Tablet Compatibility


On-Screen Color Proof
Bleed Setup
Printer's Marks
Prepress Check

File Compatibility


System Requirements

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7