Pros / Photoshop Elements 13 has a large selection of photo editing tools that you can use to edit your designs and photos.

Cons / The program does not include vector tools, including the pen tool.

 Verdict / While the software lacks some illustration tools, it has the features and capabilities to help you create advanced graphics, and it still maintains a user-friendly interface.

Editor's Note: A new version of Adobe Photoshop Elements is currently available. We will review and rank the new software when we next update our Graphic Design Software reviews. For now, enjoy our review on Photoshop Elements 13 below.

Adobe leads the graphic design market. While most of the company's products have been converted to services, Photoshop Elements 13 remains a software. The program lacks some of the basic features its counterpart service has, but it still serves as one of the best graphic design programs for novice users.

Depending on your skill level, you can select a workspace you are comfortable with. Photoshop Elements offers the following workspaces: eLive, quick, guided and expert. The eLive interface makes content and resources readily available to you. You can access articles, videos, tutorials and more from inside the software. The quick view only displays common tools and elements to help you create a design or edit a photo quickly. The guided view offers help and suggestions throughout the design process, while the expert workspace has all of the tools available for you to use at your own discretion.

The graphic design program comes with several tools to help you create your own unique and intricate designs. With a wide selection of brushes and the option to create your own, you can adjust the thickness, stroke, color and tip of a brush. The software is also compatible with tablets, so you can adjust the pressure of a custom brush or use the tablet to draw.

While the graphic software has several tools, it does not offer a pen tool or vector brushes. As such, it limits the type of designs you can create. If you are looking for a software that offers vector and pen tools, consider looking at Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. With grids, snap-to alignment and text wrap, you can place your objects and typography in the precise location you want and create accurate designs. Unfortunately, the software lacks custom guides that allow you to create your own grid to align your objects.

Adobe Photoshop offers far more font styles than any other software on our comparison chart with over 920 different styles. You can customize your typography by color, size, weight, or add effects to it. The software allows you to alter your font, shapes and images with gradients and opacity.

With 104 photo filters, you can add textures and adjust colors on each of your photos. The program even includes panorama merging, as well as HDR imaging. In addition to the photo effects, the software has tools that help improve the quality of a photo. With color correction, noise removal and automatic lens correction, the software removes imperfections and adjusts the photo to its highest quality.

In addition to improving the quality of images, the software has content-aware scaling that allows you to resize images without distorting them. If you happen to make a mistake, the program has a history log that displays every task you have done and allows you to undo any changes. For photos that have unwanted objects or subjects in them, you can use the mask tool to remove them.

The graphics program comes supplied with a wide variety of templates. With over 100 pre-designed templates for photo books, Facebook headers and more, the software provides aides to help you design your own projects. It also has a helpful feature that allows you to export your designs directly to social media sites.

Adobe has several different support options. You can access help within the application or you can use the support page on its website. Adobe’s website has video tutorials, support forums and a knowledgebase filled with common problems and solutions. However, Adobe only provides live chat and forums as contact methods.

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  • Photo Filters
  • Templates
  • Font Styles
  1. Filters that alter the image you are editing.
    More is better.
  2. 4  Adobe Photoshop Elements
    104.0 Filters
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  6. Category Average
    68.67 Filters


Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 may lack some helpful illustration tools, such as the pen tool, but it supplies you with a vast assortment of photo editing features and tools to create intricate designs. With 104 photo filters and 100 templates, the program comes loaded with the tools you need.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 Visit Site

Specifications and Benchmarks

Photo & Image Editing

Photo Filters
Color Correction
Noise Removal
Automatic Lens Correction
Content-Aware Scaling
Perspective-Based Editing
Mask Tools
Animated GIFs
History Log
Batch Processing
Panorama Merging
HDR Imaging
Export to Social Media

Help & Support

Support Forums
Video Tutorials
In-Application Support
Email Support
Phone Support
Live Chat

Illustration Tools

Pen Tool
Vector Tracing
Vector Brushes
Custom Brushes
Gradients & Opacity
Pantone Swatches
3D Effects
Custom Guides
Snap-to Alignment
Text Wrap
Tablet Compatibility
Font Styles


On-Screen Color Proof
Bleed Setup
Printer's Marks
Prepress Check

File Compatibility


System Requirements

Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP