Pros / This video editing software has nearly all the tools and features we look for in the best programs.

Cons / It only has one main video editing track.

 Verdict / Despite its flaws, Corel VideoStudio Pro is one of the best video editing applications on the market today.

Corel VideoStudio Pro is video editing software that’s great for a fledgling editor who wants to make videos for friends, family and an online audience. It has all the basic tools we look for in this category such as a healthy library of transitions, effects and titles. It also includes a good selection of video templates and even comes bundled with an automatic video creator called FastFlick. And it features almost all the advanced tools we look for, such as chroma key, a powerful multi-cam module and the ability to edit 360-degree video.

Test Results
We subjected each of the products we reviewed to a battery of tests evaluating how easy the software is to learn and use, the quality of an exported video and how long it takes to build a 40-second test project. And while VideoStudio didn’t perform perfectly, it did well enough to warrant serious consideration when looking for the best video editing software.

We found that the product is easy enough to learn how to use effectively. The basics, such as placing an object on the timeline as well as trimming, arranging and enhancing your footage, are easy to grasp. Most of the tools you need are easily found on the main window of the program’s interface. The rest are accessible by simply right-clicking on an object on the timeline. Many of the other applications we reviewed require you to navigate through multiple menus to access these options.

We performed an output quality test on every program in this category. We took an extremely high-resolution video and exported it to a smaller size. We then examined the results, looking for imperfections such as compression artifacts, motion blur, ghosting, pixelation and more. Corel did very well in this test; we only found minor imperfections in the small details of the picture. And while this may be noticeable by those with a keen eye, it is unlikely to distract your audience.

We also used VideoStudio to create a 40-second test project. It took us a little over an hour to construct this video. This is above the average of 43 minutes across all the video editing programs we reviewed. The fastest time we recorded was for our top pick, CyberLink PowerDirector, at 29 minutes. When we were finished, it took VideoStudio a minute and a half to export the finished product. This too is above the average, but not nearly as slow as some of the lesser programs we reviewed.

Basic Tools
Like most of the other video editing applications, VideoStudio has two editing modes: Timeline and Storyboard. The timeline is the traditional method used by video editors to make movies, TV shows, music videos and more. If you’re experienced editing video, this is where you’ll spend most of your time. If you’re a new, novice or casual user, you’ll benefit from the storyboard mode since it’s simpler to navigate and construct the broad strokes of your video. And you can always switch over to the timeline to fine-tune your project and learn to use all the powerful tools this program has to offer.

One of the reasons it took us so long to construct our test project is the fact that this program only offers one main video editing track. This is very limiting because it hampers the ability to make complex edits using footage from multiple sources. It does come with 20 overlay (or picture-in-picture) tracks. And while these are useful in many cases, they don’t offer the versatility that multiple video tracks do. We would like to see Corel add more main video tracks in subsequent versions of this otherwise very useful video editing program.

VideoStudio comes with a wide array of preprogrammed effects, transitions and titles to choose from. This library has thousands of objects and enhancements to transform your footage from a collection of clips to a finely polished video that you’ll be happy to share with friends and family.

If you’re new to video editing and don’t quite know where to start, you can simply click on the Instant Project tab and the program presents a variety of themes and templates. These allow you to drag and drop your footage into the timeline so you can have a finished video in just minutes. VideoStudio also comes bundled with FastFlick, which is a template-based video creator that that analyzes clips and creates a video for you. You either choose to accept what the program creates or import it into the full feature editor for fine-tuning.

Advanced Tools
Although this program is geared toward editors with limited skills and abilities, it includes tools that will more than satisfy the needs of experienced and veteran users. In fact, it has almost every advanced tool we look for in the best video editing software. For example, this software is compatible with the increasingly popular ultra-high definition 4K video resolution recorded by cutting-edge cameras. It features a powerful chroma-key tool, as well as masking tools and surround sound capabilities. All of these are invaluable tools for making complex, professional-level videos.

Two features worthy of note are the multi-cam module and the motion tracking tool. Multi-cam takes footage of the same event, taken from multiple sources and angles, and syncs them up to edit them. Once the footage is imported into the multi-cam module, you can switch easily between angles in real time and fine-tune how you want your finished video to look. The motion tracking tool allows you to isolate moving objects within your footage and apply effects that will stick with them as the video progresses.

The chroma key on this software has something no other program does – templates. This means that you can apply the same settings and enhancements to all your green screen footage without having to manually adjust each clip. It has a few preprogrammed templates to choose from, but you can also build your own. This is a great time saver we’d like to see implemented into more of the video editing programs.

The program also features a 3D title editor, which makes visually stunning text for your projects. It’s a little hard to use at first, but after a few times through the process, you’ll be able to create bold, unique titles that your audience will remember.

One curious omission in the advanced tool-set is the ability to smooth out shaky or unstable footage. This is a common feature found in the best video editing software. It greatly helps improve the look and feel of footage caught by hand held devices. If you want this ability you must upgrade VideoStudio from Pro to the Ultimate version.

Export & Production
Once you’re finished making your video, you’ll find that VideoStudio offers a wide variety of export and sharing options to choose from. You can opt to simply make a stand-alone video file on your computer, and you can export into all the popular video and audio formats. The program also provides the ability to upload your creation to sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Vimeo. You can even burn a DVD or Blu-ray disc of your video that will work with any player you happen to own.

Help & Support
Corel has an impressive array of customer and technical support options. If you have trouble with your software, you can consult tutorials, FAQs and a learning center for quick answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, the company also offers an online chat that allows you to instantly talk with a customer service rep, or you can submit an email help ticket and receive a response in about a day. We found Corel’s customer service staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and eager to help.

Corel VideoStudio Pro isn’t perfect video editing software, but it has almost all the tools we look for in this category. And they work well, enabling you to make great-looking videos and share them with friends and family.

  • Time to Edit Test Project
  • Time to Export Test Project
  • Export Format Choices
  1. How long it takes the software to build our 40-second test video.
    Lower is Better.
  2. 3  Corel VideoStudio
    63.0 Minutes
  3. 29.0 Minutes
  4. 35.0 Minutes
  5. Category Average
    43.9 Minutes
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Specifications and Benchmarks

Advanced Tools

Audio Mixer
Video Stabilizer
4K Compatibility
Chroma Key
Multi-Cam Module
3D Editing
Action Cam Module
360° Editing
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Motion Tracking
Surround Sound
Closed Captions

Basic Tools

Video Tracks
Audio Tracks
Titles & Credits
Effects & Transitions
Themes and Templates
Automatic Video Creator
Slideshow Creator

Test Results

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