Pros / Mobicip is compatible with every device, including Kindles and Chromebooks.

Cons / This program doesn’t have many tracking and reporting features.

 Verdict / Mobicip is a versatile monitoring program that easily monitors your whole family while they are online whether it’s a teen on their cell phone or a young child on a tablet.

Mobicip is a handy monitoring program that is compatible with so many devices. In addition to Windows and Mac computers, Mobicip works on Kindles, Chromebooks and Nook tablets. It also monitors iOS and Android devices, and you can see the online activity from them all from the parent portal. The basic, free program can be used to filter content on as many devices as you need, but the Premium program, that also includes time limits, comes with a minimum of five licenses for a reasonable price.

For our testing we looked at the free Basic version of Mobicip, and while we couldn’t fully access them we could see the features and tools offered with the higher priced Premium and Enterprise versions. The interface is clean and very easy to work with, and installing was simple on both our Samsung Galaxy tablet and our test Windows 10 computer.

With its Basic program, Mobicip lets you enter the URLs of the websites you don’t want your children to access. This is the extent of the available tools, but it’s still a good way to block your kids from inappropriate content. However, this means you must enter every single web address each time you want to block it. If you purchase the Premium version, you have access to the 30 preset filter categories. You can also add keywords and phrases into Mobicip and the program will block content that has these words in them and alert you if your child tries to search for them.

With the Mobicip Premium program, your child can send you a request to unblock a website. This is a good tool if your teen needs to research a hot topic for a school assignment, or if you’ve blocked gaming sites but want to give your child temporary access for a reward.

This monitoring program doesn’t track as much as other software. For example, the summary reports show you the websites each child visited, a URL to the site and the reason it was blocked. But you can’t see screenshots of what they’ve seen, nor can you see when they’ve interacted with people through instant messenger programs, email or text.

You can’t see if your child has watched a video or viewed a picture that’s inappropriate. This information is helpful in providing complete protection and monitoring of your child, so if you want these tools, consider either Qustodio or Surfie that have more detailed reports and higher levels of tracking, including transcripts of all your child’s messages with others. Mobicip does include app monitoring, so you can keep track of which apps your children are downloading to their mobile devices.

Mobicip is a good monitoring program for families with children who access the internet from several devices, because it is compatible with them all. You can block inappropriate websites by adding the URL to the Mobicip block list, or by using the filter categories in the Premium version. Premium also comes with time controls. There are some activities that Mobicip doesn’t monitor, like text messages and online chats, but it does let you know when your child downloads a program to their mobile device.

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