Pros / ContentBarrier is exclusively designed for Mac computers.

Cons / It doesn’t record email messages.

 Verdict / ContentBarrier’s sophisticated blocking and recording tools make it an excellent option for Mac users who want to keep their children safe online.

Intego’s ContentBarrier has some great tools that can help keep your kids safe online. This parental control software for Mac computers blocks the websites, words and other content you worry about as a parent. It is user-friendly and made exclusively for Mac operating systems. If you want an excellent program that monitors both Mac and Windows systems, Qustodio is an great option.

This computer monitoring software shows you what your child does online, and you can configure its filters to allow or block content your child may want to interact with in the future. ContentBarrier is a flexible program. For example, you can block websites based on their content categories, including those that feature alcohol, gambling, sex and pornography, racism and more. You can also block specific websites and keywords.

These tools help you manage the quality of your child’s screen time, but studies show that the amount of time they spend at the computer matters quite a bit, too. ContentBarrier’s scheduling tool can help you monitor and control this as well. You can map out how much time your child can spend online on specific days of the week. When they reach their limit, they can’t access anything on the web – a warning window pops up to inform them that they cannot access the internet, and only you can unblock it.

Children can unknowingly interact with dangerous strangers in instant messaging programs, and ContentBarrier has some good AntiPredator tools to help. You can opt to simply block all chats, or you can block suspicious phrases such as “come alone,” “can I see you,” “are you alone,” “phone number,” “don’t tell your parents” and others. If the person chatting with your child uses one of these phrases, the program notifies you and automatically shuts down the chat programs and prohibits access until you’ve had a chance to review the messages.

This parental software’s recording capabilities are excellent. Its screenshot tool is one of the best we saw. You decide how often you want it to take screenshots, and the playback interface is very convenient – just click on the timeline and look at what your child was doing at any specific moment. You can also look at a list of the times you child attempted to access blocked sites and what they were. Unfortunately, you can’t view specific images your child sees or videos they attempt to watch unless they are caught in one of the screenshots, though you certainly can block your child’s access to them.

ContentBarrier has a monitor-only option. You can still see a record of what your child does online, but it won’t block access to anything. This might work well for responsible children who just need a little oversight.

With this parental control program, you can restrict your child’s access to certain applications, gaming sites and file sharing platforms. You can also restrict access to email applications, but ContentBarrier doesn’t record the messages your child sends or receives if you do allow them access. However, you can block them from downloading any attachments or sending an attached file through email, instant messenger or other peer-to-peer sharing.

You can set up an account for you and one for your child so you aren’t subject to the same online restrictions if you share a computer.

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ContentBarrier has a strong feature set that helps safeguard your children online, but it only works on Mac computers. This is an excellent option that gives you full control over what your children access online, and you can place time constraints to ensure their electronics don’t have their full focus all day long.

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