Pros / Witigo comes with three licenses, so you can monitor multiple devices at once.

Cons / The program is a little tricky to install and set up.

 Verdict / Though it takes a moment to figure out, once Witigo is up and running, it offers the same level of protection as other parental software, plus it has additional features such as website redirection and telephone number blocking.

Though it has a setup wizard, Witigo is a little challenging to get up and running; the wizard and initial setup process aren’t as intuitive as those in other internet monitoring software we reviewed. You can install the program locally on your desktop or use the web-based app, though certain feature work differently and tools are found in different places, depending on where you host the program. Either way, the parent portal is always available online, and you can access it from any web-enabled device. Once Witigo is installed, it has several great security tools, including a few that other programs don’t have.

The parent portal has a clean interface with large icons at the top to help you quickly navigate to the activities you want to view. You can also select icons that let you block websites or set time controls. Using Witigo, you can limit how many hours your children spend online and even dictate exactly when those hours are so your kids aren’t distracted during homework or chore times.

Witigo blocks websites using 27 content filters that can weed out site with problematic content like violence, pornography, gambling, weapons and gaming. When you select a filter category, the software blocks any site with that type of content. You can also add specific URLs to the blacklist to block access. If you child tries to visit a restricted site, Witigo redirects them to a kid-friendly site with games, trivia and other engaging online activities and alerts you of the attempt.

This parental control software lets you block access to online chat rooms and instant messenger applications. If you allow your children to use these programs, Witigo records the conversations so you can see if your kids are interacting with appropriate people. You can also view the emails you children send and receive, including any attachments, to ensure they aren’t exchanging inappropriate content. Unfortunately, this program doesn’t allow you to view pictures and videos sent or received by your child while online. One of the programs that does have this feature is Net Nanny.

The Witigo internet monitoring program comes with three licenses, so you can install it on three desktop or laptop computers. You can purchase additional licenses for cell phone monitoring. If you choose to monitor both computers and cell phones, any changes you make in the parent portal are automatically applied to all devices. This means if you block your child’s access to a site on the family computer, it automatically blocks it on their smartphone.

If you do choose to monitor your child’s activity on their cell phone, Witigo can blacklist telephone numbers – no one can contact your child by text message or phone from numbers on this list. You can also do the opposite and only allow whitelisted numbers to contact your child’s phone.

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  4. 47.0 Filter Categories
  5. 3  Surfie
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It takes a little time and patience to get Witigo up and running, but once installed, this parental software is a good program for monitoring your kids’ online activity. You can also block inappropriate content and set time limits. The 27 filter categories make it easy to quickly block dangerous content, and the redirect feature sends your children to an appropriate, kid-friendly site if they try to access something forbidden.

Witigo Parental Filter for Windows Visit Site

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