GoWise Solar Spotlight GW21303 Review

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued.

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Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our site because it has been discontinued. You can still read about it below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

The Solar Landscape Spotlight by GoWise lets you place lighting anywhere the solar cell can recharge in direct sunlight. This solar spotlight works well to illuminate areas of interest in your yard, such as flagpoles, fountains and garden statuary. You can use it wherever you want additional lighting to bring attention to a focal point in your yard.

This 8 inch (w) x 4 inch (d) x 7.5 inch (h) outdoor solar light extends to 12 inches high including the solar panel attached at the top. Constructed of aluminum and plastic for durability against outdoor temperatures and weather conditions, this solar outdoor lighting takes only four to six hours to charge.

The longer the solar panel is in the sunshine to charge, the longer the runtime after dark, so placing it in full sun is a good idea. Runtime is also dependent on your location, the amount of sunlight in your area and the local weather. Starting at dusk, the runtime is six to eight hours. While you can use this spotlight in shadowed areas, such as porches, the runtime will be shorter due to less sun exposure.

Batteries come with the solar light as part of the package and last about one year. There are three AA batteries that are rechargeable, made of nickel-cadmium and supplying 1.2 volts. Should anything go wrong with the batteries or they stop functioning over time, you can replace them yourself by unscrewing the lens cover and pulling the battery compartment out with long nose pliers. You must use caution doing this so the wiring does not become disconnected.

If you need to replace the batteries on this solar light, you have to replace them with the same type of rechargeable batteries. By using batteries that are not rechargeable, the lighting will stop functioning because it will be unable to recharge the solar panel.

Installation of this solar spotlight takes just a few minutes by using the spike to place it in the ground or using the flush mount bracket and installing it with the screws included in the package. If the included screws do not serve in the location you have chosen, you may have to find an alternate type of fastener to do the job. You need to locate the solar panel in an area with direct sunlight and facing slightly south for it to convert solar energy into a full charge each day.

The Solar Landscape Spotlight lets you place concentrated light in areas where you require it or to accent landscaping features in your yard. This outdoor solar light charges during the day by utilizing direct sunlight and operates for six to eight hours once it turns dark outdoors.

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