Stelpro ABA0302W review

The Stelpro ABA0302W is a high-end baseboard heater that looks as good as it heats.

Stelpro ABA0302W review
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The Stelpro ABA0302W is one of the best baseboard heaters for basements, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms thanks to its solid and rust resistant construction.


  • +

    Impact and rust resistant

  • +

    Aesthetically pleasing design

  • +

    Great for residential or commercial


  • -

    Needs an electrician to install

  • -

    Expensive compared to some other models

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If you’re looking for one of the best baseboard heaters that can provide a simple way of warming up a cold space, then the Stelpro ABA0302W could be the answer.

The Stelpro ABA0302W is surprisingly energy efficient and can provide you savings on your annual electricity bill, especially when you consider you’re not going to have to heat the whole house when you just need heat in one room. 

When it comes to design, let's be honest, the best baseboard electric heaters aren’t the most attractive items to have in the house. But this all changes with the Stelpro ABA0302W, which has been designed to look as good as it performs and it will be a welcome addition to whatever room you decide to install it in. It’s also extremely sturdy thanks to its extruded aluminum facade making it ideal for rooms where there is a lot of traffic such as kitchens, bathrooms, or basements - even commercial outlets. 

There’s no built-in thermostat but Stelpro does offer a range that complies with this unit.

Stelpro ABA0302W: What you need to know

The Stelpro ABA0302W is a high-end baseboard heater that is fitting for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, or even commercial space. At just 20.81-inches in length, it sits perfectly in small spaces. It runs on 240 volts whilst giving out 300 watts of power means it may be small but it’s certainly mighty. There’s no built-in thermostat and you get a five-year manufacturer warranty on the heating element - this is only available to the original purchaser of the heater. 

Stelpro ABA0302W: Features

It’s not surprising that this baseboard heater is marketed as being high-end because when it comes to looking good, the Stelpro ABA0302W is one of the best baseboard heaters on the market today. It has a clean, high-end finish with an epoxy powder-coat in standard white color. Stelpro has really thought about how to combine a breathtaking design alongside the technology to provide outstanding heat transfer performance.  It’s also worth noting that the cover is rust-resistant so when you install this into your living or workspace, you can ensure it’s going to look good for a long time. 

The Stelpro ABA0302W baseboard heater is surface mounted and you will need to engage the services of a certified electrician to install it. But installation is made easier because there’s a wiring compartment at both ends so regardless of your space, there’s always going to be easy access. There is no built-in thermostat but its recommended that when you purchase one, you opt for an electronic version for more precise heating control. There’s also the option to choose either a single or double pole thermostat with a junction box placed on both the right and left-hand sides of the unit. 

This baseboard heater uses convection heating and has a discreet air inlet allowing the air to enter the front of the unit and exit from the top. The inside of the unit benefits from a single tubular, stainless steel heated element with additional boxed aluminum fins. This has two functions; the first is to improve heat dissipation, the second is to eliminate expansion and contraction noises meaning the unit runs silently when in use. There’s also a thermal protection function with an automatic reset so you are protected when this baseboard heater is running. 

Compared to other models, however, the Stelpro ABA0302W is quite expensive - costing over $120. 

Stelpro ABA0302W: User reviews

As you can imagine with a high-end product such as the Stelpro ABA0302W, the user reviews are positive. There aren’t a lot of online reviews for us to take into account but the ones that are there say that it’s the perfect size for a small space. The design is also mentioned with people pleased that they no longer have to look at an ugly baseboard unit as they’ve had to in the past. 

Should you buy the Stelpro ABA0302W baseboard heater?

If you want something that is going to look good in your space but still make sure that you’re warm and cozy, you should consider the Stelpro ABA0302W. Due to its strong nature and rust-resistant casing, we think this would be ideal for basements but is equally great for bedrooms. It also runs so quietly that it would work well in the bedroom and living area too. You will pay a little more than for other models, but you also get a longer warranty.

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