Can you still buy Taylor Swift concert tickets? We explore your best options…

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Whether you're a true Swiftie or you've just tuned into social media this past week, it's been hard to ignore the huge issues surrounding getting tickets for Taylor Swift's new Era's tour. Ticketmaster was chosen as the sole ticket provider and saw unprecedented demand with over 14 million users trying to buy tickets. 

Constant glitches and faulty pre-sale codes also made it a gut-wrenching task when fans did finally get through to adding tickets to their baskets. And those that did manage to get to the final hurdle became victims of dynamic pricing, where sheer demand skyrocketed ticket prices so that many were struggling to justify nosebleed seats.

In a devastating turn of events, Ticketmaster then canceled the general sale of Taylor Swift tickets, so if you missed out on the elusive pre-sale, you're almost out of luck. 

With such an anticipated event, it's understandable that many fans have been left feeling defeated and deceived by the experience. Taylor issued a statement against Ticketmaster's practices where she wrote: "And to those who didn’t get tickets, all I can say is that my hope is to provide more opportunities for us all to get together and sing these songs". So, there is a glimmer of hope that more tour dates will be announced in due course. 

However, re-sale concert ticket sites are currently the only option for scoring Taylor Swift Eras Tour tickets, which can often feel like tiptoeing into the unknown of potential scams. Here, we've explored the best concert ticket sites to offer you peace of mind if you do decide to take the plunge, and the safest ways to ensure that the tickets you're buying are legit. 

Should you buy Taylor Swift tickets right now? 

With Taylor's statement implying a glimmer of hope for more North America tour dates, you may be facing the dilemma of holding out for a general sale or hedging your bets with re-sale tickets. 

If you can afford to pay re-sale tickets, there's no harm in choosing to go down this route. It can often seem like a risky avenue when the excessive demand results in a higher amount of scams, however, there are websites with guarantees in place to minimize the likelihood of this happening as much as possible. 

What are the best concert ticket sites to buy from? 

Buying concert tickets is often a stressful task, so ensuring you're buying from the best concert ticket sites is key to creating added peace of mind. 

Despite faith in Ticketmaster faltering as a result of the crazy demand, they are still a reliable website for buying from as they offer a refund on any rescheduled event. 

For buying resale tickets, we've also rated ViaGoGo highly. Tickets can be priced higher than their face value, however, if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled you get a huge 135% refund. There is also a guarantee from the company that you will receive your ticket before the event. 

TicketCity is also a great choice for either buying resale tickets or selling unwanted tickets. They buy your ticket directly from you so there's no waiting around to see if it will sell, and equally reassurance that the ticket is in TicketCity's hands. 


ViaGoGo is based in London but caters for international events, offering tickets for US gigs and covering more than 50 countries. Tickets can be more expensive than other sites but you are covered with a 125% refund if the event is cancelled and not rescheduled. The company also guarantees that you will receive your ticket before the event.

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