Google aims to simplify logging in anywhere

Google aims to simplify logging in anywhere
(Image credit: Google)

Google has made some steps forward to making everyone's life a little easier when it comes to remembering login details and passwords. At least, that's the hope. 

The company has revealed that it's combining a number of its existing online sign-in tools and APIs into a single SDK (software development kit) that should be much easier for developers to add to their websites. Known as Google Identity Services, it includes the 'Sign in with Google' service you've probably seen when accessing third-party websites using your Google account. It also includes a new one-touch authentication service known as One Tap. Just right if you've picked up one of the best laptops, the MacBook Pro with Touch ID support, but also good for all manners of different systems.

The thinking is that One Tap makes signing in much, much simpler than trying to remember your password and typing things in. It can prompt the user to log in on any page so there's no need to be redirected to a landing page which can mess up even the best web browsers or at least your workflow. 

The new One Tap prompt will slide down from the top right of a website so it's easy to see saving you ample effort.

The 'Sign in with Google' button will also be improved, offering personalized user details for returning users. 

In a blog post, Filip Verley, product manager for Google Identity explained that, "every day, we focus on putting users in control of their data by building products that are secure by default and private by design." He pointed out that the most common online security vulnerability occurs beyond Google products with data breaches exposing people's data. While the best identity theft protection services can help here, it's not an ideal solution so being able to use superior Google services might just do it.

As always, it's a smart idea to protect your computer adequately. We're talking the best antivirus software as well as the best VPN service to ensure your home computer is safe. However, it's definitely useful to know that you don't have to rely upon remembering your password and login details quite like before. Expect to see Google playing a bigger role in your browsing time in the near future. 

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