The next iPhone may have an ‘always-on’ display

The next iPhone may have an ‘always-on’ display
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If rumors are anything to go by, the next iPhone could finally have an always-on display. That's the thinking from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman who explained in his weekly "Power On" newsletter that the next iPhone may have an Apple Watch-like always-on display.

It's a bit of a vague rumor right now but one with plenty of promise. The thinking behind it is that Gurman also believes the iPhone 13 will have better battery life, a smaller screen notch, faster processor, and potentially a 120Hz refresh rate too. Upgrades such as faster processors and a better battery life are things we all expect to see from the best smartphones out there but the potential for an improved screen could be a big step for the Apple flavored device. 

9toMac went into detail about what could be expected and believes this could be the time for it to finally happen with the iPhone OLED screen benefiting from an 120Hz refresh rate as well as the always-on nature. A 120Hz refresh rate might not sound massively exciting but it means a much smoother experience when browsing online or playing games and is very much the kind of thing you'll wonder how you lived without once you start using it. Being able to always look at your screen without a pause is certainly a big advantage too, although the trade-off could be down to battery life. 

However, those worried about battery life being impacted might not need to be so concerned either as Engadget has reported that a past leak from Max Weinbach has suggested that Apple would use an LTPO (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide) panel so that the iPhone 13 could drop to extremely low refresh rates, merely showing the bare essentials like notifications or your clock as and when needed to.

For now, of course, this is all rumor and when it comes to new Apple products, usually not all the rumors turn out to be true. While it does sound likely that Apple is putting some focus on better screens across the board with Gurman suggesting that mini LED-equipped laptops are on their way too, we'll have to wait and see if such improvements make their way to your hand as well. For now, maybe hold off on picking out the best laptops for a little while longer. It might be worth holding off on a new iPhone 12 too despite its great performance. 

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