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These are the best new cars for safety and cheap auto insurance

(Image credit: Subaru)

If you're buying a car fresh off the lot, safety is likely to be one of your primary considerations – as is securing a competitive quote from one of the best auto insurance providers.

A recent report (opens in new tab) by can take some of the pain out of the process by highlighting the safest new models with the lowest premiums - keeping costs low is vital if you're contemplating spending on the best roadside assistance services (opens in new tab) too. 

Its rankings only take into account vehicles that have achieved the Top Safety Pick+ designation from the Institute for Highway Safety (IHS), which means they scored well in the non-profit organization's stringent crash tests.

IHS ratings also take into account safety features, so the motors included should be equipped with the latest accident-prevention technology – blind spot sensors being one example.

Subaru leads the way

Using this IHA shortlist as a starting point, then calculated the average insurance rate of each vehicle based on the profile of an 'average driver'.

It's a very generalized specification, so be aware that the price you're offered may well be different from the figures below – things like age, gender, driving record, and credit history all factor into the personalized quotes provided by auto insurance providers.

That being said, here's a rundown of the best new cars for cheap auto insurance by vehicle class.

Small cars:

  • Subaru Crosstrek 2.0i – $1,397
  • Subaru Impreza 2.0i Limited – $1,526
  • Kia Niro Touring – $1,566

Small SUVs:

  • Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring – $1,424
  • Hyundai Tucson Limited – $1,451
  • Toyota RAV4 LE – $1,526
  • Subaru Forester 2.5i Sport – $1,529

Midsize cars:

  • Subaru Outback 3.6R Touring – $1,467
  • Subaru Legacy 3.6R Limited – $1,569
  • Toyota Camry XSE – $1,676

Midsize SUVs:

  • Hyundai Santa Fe XL SE Ultimate – $1,634
  • Kia Sorento SX Limited – $1,673
  • Subaru Ascent Touring – $1,935

Large cars:

  • Toyota Avalon Limited – $1,796
  • Kia Stinger GT2 – $2,193

Midsize luxury cars:

  • Lexus ES 350 S – $1,860
  • Mercedes C300 – $2,014
  • BMW 340i – $2,212

Large luxury cars:

  • Lincoln Continental Black Label – $2,189
  • BMW 540i XDrive – $2,328
  • Genesis G80T Sport – $2,341

Luxury SUVs:

  • Acura RDX Adv Package – $1,519
  • Lexus NX 300 – $1,626
  • BMW X3 XDrive 30 – $1,715

Subaru is particularly well represented, taking five spots in total – and the distinction of being the least expensive on the list for the Subaru Crosstrek (pictured, top).

The Crosstrek was found to cost just $1,397 a year to cover on average, which compares very favorably to the national average of around $1,800 per annum.

Its spot on the podium speaks to a wider trend illustrated by the analysis, which is that more expensive, technologically sophisticated motors aren't always cheaper to put on the road.

This can broadly be attributed to the fact that moderately priced vehicles tend to be driven more gently than those at the shinier, turbo-charged end of the spectrum  – and that they cost less to repair if they are damaged.

While this doesn't mean you should compromise on safety features – or deny yourself the supercar of your dreams, for that matter –  it does suggest that thoroughly considering the range of new car options available can be one of the top ways to get cheaper car insurance.

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