This Amazon patio heater deal saves you $100 on a 4-star rated outdoor heater

This Amazon patio heater deal saves you $100 on a 4-star rated outdoor heater
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Nothing drives people indoors like the cold, but with this Amazon patio heater deal you can stay warmer for longer when entertaining in your garden or yard. Today you can save $90 on the Kismile Outdoor/Indoor Patio Heater, on sale at Amazon for $349.99 (was $439.99). With its fast heating speed, it'll warm your guests up in no time (a few seconds, in fact).

The Kismile range of outdoor heaters has an abundance of four and five star reviews, and includes wall mounted options too. One of which is the Kismile Freestanding or Wall Mounted Patio Heater, now $15 off at Amazon, making it just $189.99 (was $204.99). The best patio heaters are great for entertaining guests outdoors when the weather starts to turn chilly, and this model is impressive for its size. Measuring 34.25 inches tall, it can heat a whole room in 30 seconds and is suitable for use outdoors and indoors.

| Now $349.99 at Amazon

Kismile Freestanding Electric Patio Heater | Was $439.99 | Now $349.99 at Amazon
Save $90 on this outdoor/indoor heater that can heat a whole room in 30 seconds with warmth that can be felt several yards away. The 15 colors and four modes are easily customizable and it features a durable and quiet design with 'tip over' protection.

| Now $189.99 at Amazon

Kismile Freestanding/Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater | Was $204.99 | Now $189.99 at Amazon
Get $15 off this energy-saving heater, which pumps out an arc of instant warmth within just five seconds. You can use it freestanding with the tripod, or mount it to a wall. A built-in safety system shuts the heater off if it overheats. 

If you love firing up one of the best gas grills entertaining family and friends outdoors year-round, investing in a good outdoor heater can help you stay warm while flipping burgers in colder weather. Electric patio heaters usually cost up to $600 and more, so these Cyber Monday patio heater deals from Amazon on the Kismile outdoor heater range are worth snapping up. 

Warming up in 5 seconds and heating a whole room in just 30 seconds, the Kismile Freestanding Electric Patio Heater is lightweight and features a great waterproof design. The LED light has 15 colors and four modes that can be adjusted to suit, and it can be used continuously for eight to ten hours when fully charged. 

The Kismile Freestanding or Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heater is energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly, using 50% less energy than many electric patio heaters. It warms quietly and quickly - in as little as 3 seconds. It's also incredibly versatile, with the option to mount it to a wall or use it freestanding on the included tripod. 

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