This Samsung fridge could be your very own sommelier

Image shows the Samsung fridge with wine cooler in a kitchen.
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If you're a wine aficionado, this Samsung fridge will be the appliance of your dreams. Samsung is known for its beautiful, bespoke appliances including decorated fridges (opens in new tab) made in collaboration with artist Alex Proba. However, it's not all about aesthetics though, as the brand also comes up with some nifty innovations. 

As part of the Bespoke Infinite line, Samsung is launching an incredible wine fridge that can hold up to 101 bottles. This cooler contains two zones so you can store different bottles of both red and white wine at the appropriate temperatures, between 4 and 18 degrees Celsius. Between the two temperatures zones, there is a small pantry to store snacks and anything you might want to serve with your wine. 

This sizeable appliance takes up a whole panel of the four-compartment vertical side-by-side refrigerator – so if you only like the occasional tipple, this might not be the appliance for you!

However, one of the most impressive aspects of this Samsung fridge is the SmartThings software. Not only does it note what wines you are storing (making inventory management easier) it can even suggest pairing recommendations! Guests are sure to be impressed by this incredible feature - who knew your fridge could double up as a sommelier?

If you're already in the process of cracking open your wallet, you might want to pause. Unfortunately, this futuristic fridge is currently only available in South Korea (opens in new tab). However, part of Samsung's Bespoke line of appliances is available in the US, and readers can find a range of beautiful and powerful fridges on the brand's website (opens in new tab). We can only hope Samsung decides to launch its smart wine fridge in other regions soon!

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