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Best Washer Dryer Combos of 2019

Best Washer-Dryer Combos 2019 - All-in-One Washer Reviews

We spent more than 140 hours researching and evaluating washer dryer combos to find the fastest, most convenient machines. We looked at models that have great features and reasonable prices and don’t take up much space. After charting their differences, we believe the Haier HLC1700AXS is the best machine for most people. It is compact and has low initial and ongoing costs. 

ProductPriceOverall RatingFunctionalityPriceAdditional FeaturesWarranty & SupportDimensionsWashing & Drying Capacity Estimated Energy Cost Washing CyclesDrying CyclesWater TemperatureSoil LevelsChild LockAutomatic DispensersFull Digital DisplaySpin Speed ControlAutomatic Load SenseVibration ReductionSilence SignalsParts & LaborMotorWash DrumHeight (inches)Width (inches)Depth (inches)
Haier HLC1700AXSView Deal4/53.944.32.34.72$8.00114551 Year1 Year7 Years33.3723.4423.6
Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3View Deal4/53.552.91.94.82$11.00163531 Year1 Year1 Year33.423.423.1
Midea US-FC70-DS12DSHView Deal3.5/$11.00143531 Year1 Year5 Years33.4423.4423.06
Haier HLC1700AXWView Deal3.5/$8.00114521 Year1 Year7 Years33.3723.4323.62
LG WM3488HSView Deal4/5433.754.72.3$14.00145531 Year10 YearsLifetime33.3723.4323.62
Summit SPWD2200WView Deal3.5/$10.00143531 Year1 Year1 Year33.2523.3824.25
Splendide 2100XCView Deal3.5/52.942.91.951.9$11.00103731 Year1 Year1 Year33.2523.422
LG WM3997HWAView Deal4/552.55504.2$15.00145551 Year5 YearsLifetime38.72729.75
Deco DC 4000 CV View Deal2.5/$13.00143311 Year1 Year1 Year33.523.622

Best Overall

Haier HLC1700AXS

Haier HLC1700AXS

Energy efficient
Digital display
Delayed-start setting
More expensive than some competitors
Can't fit bulky items
Bigger than some competitors

The Haier HLC1700AXS washer dryer combo costs about $1,200. We reviewed cheaper machines, but none of them have as many desirable features as this model.

For example, it is very energy efficient. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission estimates it costs only about $8 a year to run if you use an electric water heater.

You already save a lot of space by having a washer dryer combo machine instead of a traditional washer and dryer set, but we still favored small machines. To fit in a standard closet, a washer dryer combo needs to be less than 24 inches deep – the Haier HLC1700AXS is 23.63 inches deep. Still, there are smaller machines out there.

However, those smaller machines don’t have features like delayed start, a child lock and automatic load sense, all of which the HLC1700AXS includes. It also has a variety of wash cycles. For example, you can choose between five water temperatures, five spin speeds and five soil levels.

In addition, it has multiple dryer settings, which is uncommon for this type of appliance. The Auto Dry feature takes the guesswork out of setting the drying time and temperature. Also, there is a no-heat dryer setting, which is rare. All setting selections show on a nice digital display.

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Best Value

Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3

Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3

Most affordable washer dryer we reviewed
De-wrinkle and self-cleaning cycles
Hooks to a water faucet instead of a water-supply valve
No sensor to automatically adjust water level to load size
No vibration-reduction feature
One-year warranty on motor and wash drum

In addition to being the most affordable washer dryer combo we reviewed, the Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3 has a nice feature set that includes all the essentials plus extras such as a self-cleaning cycle.

This machine connects to a faucet, so it’s a good choice if you don’t have dedicated laundry room water-supply valves. It also includes a delayed-start feature you can set up to 24 hours in advance. As such, you can set it to start a load of clothes when you are away so it finishes close to when you get home. That way, clothes don’t sit in the drum long enough to wrinkle, although it also includes a de-wrinkle cycle.

The Magic Chef MCSCWD20W3 has a standard capacity of 2 cubic feet and holds about 8 pounds of clothing. The tub clean cycle removes residue inside the machine to keep it fresh and reduce maintenance.

The machine’s settings dial is clearly marked and easy to read. Using its LCD screen, you fine-tune the settings by adjusting the temperature or soil level.

Overall, the MCSCWD20W3 is a great deal for the money, and it has most of the features people look for in a washer dryer combo machine.

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Best for Big Loads



Double the capacity of many washer dryer combos
Multiple dryer settings
Vibration reduction feature regulates noise
Taller and deeper than other models
Most expensive machine we reviewed
Fewer preprogrammed wash cycles than some competitors

The LG WM3997HWA fits twice as many clothes as most washer dryer combos we reviewed. These appliances generally have small drums, so it’s a bonus when you buy one that can hold more. Still, it is relatively compact, especially compared to traditional washer and dryer sets.

This LG model is taller than other washer dryers we reviewed, and it is about 6 inches deeper. As such, it isn’t the best option if you need to slide your machine into a standard-size closet. It is also the most expensive model we considered, though it may be worth the price for a family thanks to its capacity and impressive features.

The WM3997HWA has many wash cycle, dry cycle, water temperature and soil level setting options. There are machines with more preprogrammed wash cycles, but the LG’s variety is excellent overall. For example, you can choose the machine’s low water option to save water and energy when your clothes are only lightly soiled. Its self-clean cycle clears the machine of built-up gunk, and there is also a sanitize mode that LG claims removes 99.9 percent of germs from items that need extra attention such as stuffed toys.

The LG WM3997HWA regulates noise with its vibration reduction feature. Also, unlike many similar machines, it has multiple dryer settings – you can customize the dry cycle by changing the run time, desired dryness and temperature. This is handy if you dry clothes that are prone to shrinking.

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Best Warranty



Superior warranty coverage means you can invest with confidence.
This is larger than most, so it might not fit in your allotted space.

In most cases you will spend over $1,000 on a washer dryer combo, so it is worth researching warranty coverage for these products. Otherwise one repair could lead to a pretty big impact on your budget.

We noticed the excellent LG WM3488HS coverage as we compared some of the best washer dryer combos on the market. It has 10 times the warranty on its motor when compared with some of the others. It also has lifetime coverage on the wash drum. So both of the most expensive parts are covered for much longer than average. Parts and labor are covered for just one year, but that is standard. The LG WM3488HS is not the best in every way – it is the largest and the most expensive we reviewed. All of the features we looked for are available, though, including spin speed control, vibration reduction, automatic load sense, so you get a lot for that price.

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Most Compact

Splendide 2100XC

Splendide 2100XC

This is the most compact appliance we compared, so it can fit almost anywhere.
Other machines offer more washer and dryer cycle types.

The main purpose of buying a washer dryer combination rather than separate units is the space savings. They all offer space savings just based on basic design.

The Splendide 2100XC amplifies that advantage by taking just a tiny bit of your floor – the least of any unit we compared. It is only 22 inches deep – two inches smaller than the standard closet depth. It is also the shortest one we considered – not by a lot but every inch counts when you are trying to eke out some laundry room space in a tiny apartment or RV. This does not have as many options as some units – it had the smallest selection of washer and dryer cycles of any we compared, but you still have some options. And, it was actually the best for certain things – there are 7 different choices for water temperatures. Most machines had fewer.

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Why Trust Us

We have been reviewing washer dryer combos for more than three years. We found some of the best models out there and compared their features and specs. We also read articles and user reviews to learn about common complaints as well as features that stand out as the most important for our readers. This type of appliance tends to get mixed reviews – the wash cycles are generally better than the dry cycles, but that varies from machine to machine.

In addition, we’ve reviewed a variety of washing machines and dryers for more than seven years. These include portable washerstop-load washersfront-load washers and clothes dryers. When we research these appliances, we often visit stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot to get a feel for how they work, to test their capacities and to talk to store reps to get their opinions. We don’t test big machines like washer dryers in our lab, but we research them online and get as much firsthand experience as we can.

We also spoke to industry experts, including Atul Vir. Vir is the founder and president of Equator Advanced Appliances, which is associated with multiple brands that make washer dryer combos, including Deco. He's been questioning the need for a separate washer and dryer since the early days of his marriage, decades ago. The family's laundry routine involved going to the laundromat and waiting for the washer to finish and then switching clothes over to the dryer. The whole process took hours.

"It seemed like that was the weekend activity and it didn't seem very interesting," Vir said.

When that routine prevented them from going to the beach as a family one too many times, he decided he wanted to bring washer dryer combos to the United States. He lived in Europe before and had gotten used to not babysitting each load – waiting to change from washer to dryer. Washer dryer combos also require less space, so apartment dwellers can have their own laundry facilities and skip the laundromat.

Those benefits have helped him build quite the empire over the years, but he recognizes that not everyone is convinced. Part of the problem is most combos are small, designed to fit in tiny closets. Some folks need to do big loads. It's also a matter of habit – most Americans were raised with a separate washer and dryer, and the need is not as great for a compact appliance.

"There are laundry rooms in most single-family homes, so it's not a space requirement," Vir said.

Washer dryer combinations also have a bad reputation for taking a long time and wrinkling clothes during the drying cycle. Even the best machines still struggle with that.

"With our 28-year history it's a process and we keep learning. There's new technologies coming all the time," he said.

Vir said digital controls have made things much more convenient and engineers are working all the time to make other improvements to the washer dryer combo concept, including making them more intuitive in general and better at drying.

How Much Does a Washer Dryer Combo Cost?

The average price of the most popular washer dryer combos on the market is right around $1,300. Specifically, the average of the five best sellers on Home Depot, Best Buy and Lowe's was $1,356. The ones we reviewed had an average price of $1,238 and ranged between $600 and $2,000. That sounds like a lot until you realize you get two appliances in one, and if you are limited on laundry space that investment can still make a lot of sense. 

How We Tested

We researched for more than 120 hours to find and compare the best washer dryer combos out there. We looked at specs pages to compare features and determined which are most important for consumers. In each of our reviews, we highlight the washer dryer’s strengths and weaknesses.

Key Features to Look for When Buying a Washer Dryer Combo

In general, washer dryer combos have capacities of around 2 cubic feet. That’s enough space to wash and dry about 8 pounds of laundry. We looked for machines with bigger drums, since they allow you to wash fewer loads and use less energy over time.

As you compare machines, look for one with multiple water temperature, soil level, wash cycle and dry cycle setting options. 

Washer & Dryer Cycles
The best washer dryer combos have many cycle settings and clean your clothes without damaging them. For example, they have settings for delicate fabrics and for washing colors that run.

Machines should also fully dry items of all kinds, even jeans and bulky towels. Some washer dryer combos only have one or two dryer settings, while others let you set the temperature, which is useful when you need to dry delicate fabrics.

Additional Features
All the washer dryer combos we compared have automatic dispensers that release detergent at the right time during the wash cycle. Most also include a lock that protects your children and the machine during a cycle. In addition, they usually have a digital display that shows what is happening during a cycle.

Features like an automatic load sensor, which fills the drum with the right amount of water based on load size, are less common. This is a nice energy-saving feature, and machines that have it scored better in our review.

How Does a Washer Dryer Combo Work?

Although washer dryer combos may look like regular washers or dryers, these machines work rather differently. First, washer dryer combos do not need a dryer vent, because they use condensation drying. This means that, instead of expelling heat through a vent, they use heat to filter through the load before it passes through a heat exchanger that helps to cool the air and collects any vapor in a tank. Unlike regular washers and dryers, the combo units use the standard 110-volt power, so you don’t need to plug them into a special outlet. Washer dryer combos are typically much smaller than regular washers and dryers, are relatively lightweight and often have wheels so that you can push them around your home. This portability is one of the reasons these combo units are so popular in apartments and other small living spaces. Although they often take longer to complete the washing-and-drying process, they’re great for people who have limited space.

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