Oster Convection 4-Slice Toaster Oven review

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It doesn't cook as well as other toaster ovens, but the stylish design, even toasting abilities, and convection oven cooking make this device a good fit for most homes. The extra-long warranty makes it a good choice for anyone planning to use it daily.


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    It has a stellar five-year warranty.


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    It runs hotter than it should, creating non-optimal results.

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Oster TSSTTVDFL2 is a powerful six-slice toaster oven with the most extended warranty in our comparison. Our device ran hotter than others when set at regular temperatures, but you can easily adjust the temperature dials to prevent your food from burning. It only has some of the conveniences offered by other toaster ovens. However, the beautiful exterior, large interior, and five cooking settings make this an excellent option for any kitchen.

This convection toaster oven is a Walmart Exclusive, so you must purchase it at a brick-and-mortar store or on Walmart's website. It is very affordable, selling for a little under $40. We found it on Amazon, but it was selling for $12 more at the time of publishing. It is the least expensive six-slice toaster oven in our review. And that capacity makes it more suitable for large homes than any of the best toaster ovens.

Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven: Design

This device only comes with one rack, but it can be placed in three different positions to get further or closer to the heating elements. While this unit has a chic look, it doesn't feature a touchpad or display screen but uses dials. The timer can be set up to 60 minutes, or you can turn the knob counterclockwise to the stay-on setting if you wish it to cook for more extended periods.

This device can set the temperature anywhere between 250 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can choose between five different cook settings: Warm, Broil, Bake, Toast, and Turbo. Turbo basically initiates the convection fan for more even and thorough cooking. The oven has one of the shortest cords in our comparisons, measuring only 24.5 inches. You'll need to place it closer to an outlet and keep the area around the oven free from objects that could melt or catch fire.

We found it easy to remove and replace the crumb tray when cleaning. However, the interior of this toaster oven is not stick-resistant, so you might have to work hard to remove some food debris. While it comes with a baking pan, it doesn't come with a broiling rack, which limits some of your cooking options. If you'd prefer a toaster oven with a broiling rack, you might be interested in Black + Decker CTO6335S.

Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven: Performance

This Oster performed as well as expected in our testing but didn't perform as well as the top products in our comparison. During the bread test, all six slices came out equally toasted. In our bagel testing, most slices came out the same color except for one in the back that burned a little darker. So, for the most part, this toast oven cooked food equally across the rack.

The burrito test fared well, cooking thoroughly, but the tortilla burned slightly and felt a little dry compared to the others we tested. The exterior was golden brown and slightly too crisp when we baked cookies, but when we bit into them, we discovered that the inside was still very doughy. It took us a few minutes longer to get the insides cooked, but the insides were burned by then. Finally, the pizza slices we reheated were overcooked on top, with the pepperoni being burnt around the edges. The crust also came out dry and hard.

We did notice that the interior temperature ran about 20 degrees hotter than what we had set it to, which could contribute to the food drying and hardening. While you can adjust the temperature and find the perfect settings with practice, we docked the score on this toaster oven because of its poor cooking performance at the manufacturer's designated temperatures.

Oster covers this toaster with the best warranty in our comparison, spanning five years. This toaster oven can take a lot of use and is covered if something goes wrong. As part of our safety inspection, we measured the exterior temperatures of this device after it had been heated at 350 degrees for several minutes. The backside reached 116 degrees, while the top and sides reached 178 degrees. This is not the hottest toaster oven we found, but it is pretty hot, so you'll want to handle it carefully. Like most other toaster ovens, the handle stays cooler to grasp without fear of burning your fingers.

Should you buy the Oster 4-Slice Toaster Oven?

It might not be the best toaster oven in our comparison, but overall, it works well once you figure out the correct settings and can cook a large amount of food simultaneously. The stellar warranty makes this a perfect option for anyone who plans to use it daily since they will get the most out of it.

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