Smeg 2 Slice TSF01PGUS toaster review

The SMEG 2 Slice is a modern toaster with a retro look. It gave us great results with bagels and would look at home on any kitchen counter.

Smeg 2 Slice TSF01PGUS Toaster being tested in writer's home
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

This toaster is an attractive machine that performs well on low settings.


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    This toaster has a retro look and is available in seven colors

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    Performs well on low settings


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    The surface gets hot while toasting

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The SMEG 2 Slice is a modern toaster with an old-fashioned look. Its classic design would seem normal in a 1960s kitchen. Available in eight colors, the SMEG 2 Slice can fit in with any kitchen decor. It comes in cream, red, black, chrome, blue, pink, pastel blue, and pastel green. Though retro in appearance, this unit has many features found on the best toasters, such as a removable crumb tray and a reheat setting. However, as cool as this colored toaster looks, it did have an issue with toasting.

Smeg 2 Slice TSF01PGUS: Performance

This toaster runs hot. In our first test, we used the middle setting and expected to get golden brown toast. Instead, we pulled out a burned slice of bread. This continued in our consistency test, in which the consecutive slices of toast became increasingly darker as we toasted one after another.

It was only after dialing down the toasting power to a little less than two that we got better quality results. In fact, this toaster had the top score in the bagel test. This machine does toast well if you put it on low settings, but anything in the upper range of its settings can tend to produce scorched toast.

The high power of the SMEG 2 Slice comes with another disadvantage – the exterior gets significantly hot. Out of the toasters we tested, this one had the second hottest average external temperature of 127.9 degrees Fahrenheit. This was much higher than the overall average of 98.8 degrees. A safer toaster choice is the Breville Smart Toaster

This toaster also ranked low on our Ease of Use score, in large part because of the position of its crumb tray. While many toasters have a front-facing crumb tray, this one's tray is accessed from the back. This is an inconvenient position, particularly if the machine is tucked into a corner, as you’ll have to move the unit in order to reach behind.

Should you buy the Smeg 2 Slice TSF01PGUS?

The SMEG 2 Slice is a chic toaster that will stand out on your countertop. With numerous colors to choose from, you can find the perfect addition to your kitchen. Although it runs hot while toasting, you can address this by using a low setting. However, be sure to avoid touching the toaster until it's cooled off.

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