Trust & Will review

Trust & Will can deliver estate planning solutions in a matter of minutes.

Trust & Will review
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Trust & Will delivers a quick and simple estate planning service via a website that is as slick as you could wish to find.


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    Arrange a will in under 15 minutes

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    Seamless set up process

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    Free updates for 1 year


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    Attorney support costs extra

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    Not suitable for complex planning

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Founded as recently as 2017, Trust & Will has come a long way in a very short space of time to establish itself as one of the best online will makers in the US. Undoubtedly delivering on its stated aim to modernize estate planning, Trust & Will has already helped over 150,000 customers put their future finances in order from the comfort of their homes. And given the ease with which Trust & Will allows for people to create a will online, many thousands more are certain to follow. 

Trust & Will review: What’s included?

Trust & Will offers three main estate planning services - Guardian, Trust, and Will - each of which will result in the delivery of legally binding documents specific to the state where you live. Guardian is the simplest product, designed to make sure responsibility for the care of your children passes to someone you know and trust should the worst happen, but doesn’t cover assets. At the other end of the spectrum, Trust includes everything likely to be found in a will, but also aims to help those with more significant assets avoid probate through creating a trust-based estate plan. 

And somewhere between the two - perfect for most and what we will concentrate on from now on - is Will, which covers guardianship, your assets, and allows you to specify your healthcare wishes should such a time come. You also get to specify your final arrangements and note any special requests, and nominate pet guardians, if you so wish. 

If you want extra peace of mind or perhaps have more complicated estate planning needs, it’s possible to add one year of unlimited direct support from a licensed attorney to your plan too. Sign up, and you’ll be able to seek legal advice, discuss the tax consequences of your decisions, have the reassurance of a line-by-line document review, and have access to estate planning advice for the next 12 months. 

Trust & Will review: Getting started

Everything about the Trust & Will website is designed to get you to the estate planning solution that is best-suited to you. A raft of well-written, easy-to-understand articles and guides can be found in the Learn Center, covering every conceivable topic about estate planning, while all the product options are explained succinctly in straightforward language, and with the aid of a bullet pointed side-by-side comparison too. If you’re still not sure exactly what you need, there’s a very short quiz that will quickly point you in the right direction as well. 

Trust & Will review

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Once you’ve chosen the product option for you, you’ll need to set up an account using either your email, Google or Facebook, and a password. From here, Trust & Will takes control, reassuring you firstly that help is on hand should you need it and always giving you the option to ask questions of the virtual assistant - Willow - should the office be closed. There’s also no need to give your phone number if you don’t want to. 

Trust & Will review: Usability

Trust & Will delivers a super slick process, while asking just one question per screen. As soon as you’ve given your answer, you’re swept to the next screen, with answers saved automatically as you go. Creating a will is broken down into five bite size sections - Basics, Guardians, Assets, Arrangements and Healthcare - each of which is recapped regularly, so you can check what you’ve completed is correct and amend if necessary. 

If you’re unsure what is being asked, simply click on the question mark, and additional information will appear at the side of the screen. At various times throughout the process, you’re also reminded that support is always on hand, and that you can chat online or schedule a call if you need to. In-person support at the end of a phone is available from 8am until 5pm PST, Monday to Friday, and from 9am to 1pm at the weekend. 

How long it takes will depend on how complicated your situation is, but it’s likely to be 15 minutes maximum, and perhaps as quick as 5 minutes if your estate planning requirements are relatively straightforward.

Trust & Will review: Completing your will

Complete the final section on healthcare and your last will and testament will immediately appear, fully laid out in document form, in a preview on screen. Another opportunity to make changes is given at this point too. As you’ve not yet paid, the relevant sections for signing and appendixes are omitted. However, one more click takes you to the checkout where the cost of what you’re arranging is clearly explained, and you’re invited to pay by debit or credit card. There’s also the option to pay in four interest-free instalments, allowing you to spread the cost out over the next six weeks. 

Complete the transaction and you'll be able to download your documents to your device immediately to print from there. A copy of each document will also be delivered to you, and will remain stored online, to allow for additional access or updating. Importantly, clear instructions are provided on the first page of each document to outline exactly what is required in your state in the way of signatures, witnesses and notarization to make them legally valid. 

Trust & Will review

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Trust & Will review: Price

The pricing structure at Trust & Will is mercifully straightforward and competitive too. A will costs $89 for an individual and $159 for couples, although when we clicked through to pay, a discount code popped up saving me $10 on my will, no questions asked. If you’re considering the other products, Guardian costs $39 for individuals and $69 for couples, while Trust comes in at $399 and $499 respectively. And anyone feeling they need additional professional help can sign up to receive one year of unlimited attorney support at a cost of $200.

A free copy of your will is printed and shipped to you too, while for the first year you can make unlimited updates to your document - changes can still be made after this, but at a cost of $12 per year. And should you be unsatisfied with your completed documents, you’re invited to contact Trust & Will within 30-days of your purchase to request a refund under its refund policy.

Trust & Will review: User reviews

If you want additional reassurance that Trust & Will is one of the estate planning good guys, the company has earned a rating of A+ at the Better Business Bureau, with whom it has been accredited since November, 2018. 

Past customers are seriously impressed with Trust & Will too, awarding the service a near perfect 4.9 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot across over 1,200 reviews. A huge 92% of those rate Trust & Will as Excellent, with everything widely applauded, including its “above and beyond customer service”, and how “quick and easy” it is to use.

Should you use Trust & Will?

Trust & Will is perfect for those who have no will in place, but want a quick and simple way to get one arranged, such as young families. The site couldn’t be any easier to negotiate, the support materials are excellent, and the entire process is as slick as they come. Importantly, all of the basics you want from a will are included too, including options to specify how your assets should be distributed, care for your children (and pets), your healthcare wishes, and for your final arrangements. If estate planning is on your agenda, and only have 15 minutes to get it sorted, Trust & Will will be a great choice for you.  

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