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ViewSonic TD2230 review

The ViewSonic TD2230 offers touch screen capabilities on a smaller screen, which is perfect for those with limited desk space.

ViewSonic TD2230 review
(Image: © ViewSonic)

Our Verdict

A touch screen monitor that’s just a little smaller than all the rest, the ViewSonic TD2230 is the ideal choice if portability and space saving are your primary concerns. Sadly some ergonomics and aesthetic sacrifices have been made.


  • Compact design
  • Good image quality
  • Low input lag


  • Can be uncomfortable to use
  • Ugly cable port placement

If you’re looking at the best touch screen monitors and thinking "they’re all a bit too chunky", then the compact ViewSonic TD2230 might be just what you’re looking for. At just 22-inches wide and weighing 7.9 pounds, the ViewSonic TD2230 puts portability front and center. Sadly, some sacrifices have been made in the comfort department to accommodate the smaller screen.

With an MSRP of $279.99, it’s relatively cheap too (and you can find it cheaper than that if you shop around). If you can put up with the ugly cable management and occasionally uncomfortable user experience, then the ViewSonic TD2230 is a decent option.

ViewSonic TD2230 review: Design

  • Thin bezel
  • Connection ports on side

The ViewSonic TD2230’s design is reminiscent of the Planar Helium PCT2235 that we tested a while back. Both monitors share the same thin bezel design, both have a glassy reflective surface and they’re both styled in a similar, reserved manner. In fact, if it wasn’t for the logos on the front we probably wouldn’t be able to tell you which was which.

The ViewSonic TD2230’s inset A-frame stand means it can lie flat on a desk or work surface.

The ViewSonic TD2230’s inset A-frame stand means it can lie flat on a desk or work surface. (Image credit: Future)

The thin bezel means that, like the Planar Helium PCT2235, the ViewSonic TD2230 sits very low on the desk when using the stand to prop it up. This makes the touch screen less comfortable to use that some other models, as you find you hand scrunching up against the desk when trying to touch the bottom end of the screen. If comfort is your primary concern, we recommend the Planar Helium PCT2485.

One strange aesthetic choice is that the connection ports are all located on the side of the monitor. This is great for accessibility but it does mean that you’re left with a load of cables sticking out of the side of your monitor, which isn’t a great look.

ViewSonic TD2230 review: Screen quality

  • Full HD ten-point touch screen
  • Low input lag

Like all of the monitors we tested, the ViewSonic TD2230 has a full HD (1920 x 1080) pixel resolution and a ten-point touch screen. At 22-inches (21.5-inches for the screen itself), it’s also the smallest monitor we tested, so it might be worth considering if you’re likely to be moving your monitor around a lot between work spaces. Where the ViewSonic TD2230 pulls away from the pack is with its short pixel pitch (the space between individual pixels). This results in a much sharper image quality on screen when compared to the other monitors we looked at.

The ViewSonic TD2230’s display quickly responds to input, making it one of the better touchscreen monitors for running applications or games.

The ViewSonic TD2230’s display quickly responds to input, making it one of the better touchscreen monitors for running applications or games. (Image credit: Future)

The ViewSonic TD2230 also has a low input lag, which means that it would be suitable for gaming purposes in a pinch, though really we wouldn’t recommend any touch screen monitor for serious gaming use. The screen also has a 7 millisecond response time (the amount of time it takes a pixel to change color), which means it’s great for watching videos on too.

ViewSonic TD2230 review: Usability 

  • Eco-friendly mode to keep power usage low
  • 50 degree tilt range

Compared with the other screens that we tested, the ViewSonic TD2230 has a low average power consumption of just 19 watts when used in eco-friendly mode, which is nearly half the power usage of the power hungry Planar Helium PCT2485.

With a 50 degree tilt range, the ViewSonic TD2230 isn’t as flexible as many of the other touch screen monitors that we tested, but the stand can be retracted to allow the screen to lie flat on your work surface. There are connection ports for HDMI and DisplayPort, along with USB 3.0 ports though as noted earlier, these are all on the side of the monitor. Good for accessibility, bad for cable management.

Should I buy the ViewSonic TD2230?

There are some issues with the ViewSonic TD2230 that keep it from the top half of our rankings, but it’s still a decent option if you need a touch screen monitor and don’t have a lot of desk space to put it on. The screen itself is excellent, but strange design choices mean it’s uncomfortable to use and ugly to look at.

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