What is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack?

What is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack?
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If you’re wondering: ‘what is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack?’ don’t worry – you have come to the right place. We have social media to thank for many weird and wonderful new cleaning trends. But the latest hack that’s going viral? Using a dishwasher tablet to clean your shower. 

We’ll be delving deep into the latest hack, divulging everything you need to know about it. Including where this cleaning method came from, who used it first and whether or not these tablets can only be used in the best dishwashers.

Plus, in this feature, we’ll be answering the all-important question of whether or not this latest cleaning craze actually works. 

What is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack? 

Put simply: the latest cleaning trend to grace our smartphones involves using a dissolvable dishwasher tablet and sponge to clean your shower.

The cleaning craze started after one mum posted on the Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, about what she had discovered. The woman revealed that she had cut out a small dishwasher-tablet-sized square into a cleaning sponge, and popped a dissolvable tab inside.

She then removed the power ball from the dishwasher tablet, wet all the surfaces of her shower, and immersed the make-shift cleaning sponge into water. The avid cleaning fan then scrubbed every inch of her bathroom with her ‘dishwasher sponge’ before rinsing all the surfaces to reveal a gleaming result.

Gone was the grime, the watermarks and general soap scum. And instead, viewers of the hack could see the outcome – a sparkling bathroom.

According to the woman, the hack “worked brilliantly” for her shower glass which was ridden with watermarks and streaks. The same could be said for her bathtub and bathroom tiles, which were left gleaming after being scrubbed with her ‘dishwasher sponge’.

Since the woman shared her hack, thousands of people have responded, including TikTok fans, hailing the clever invention as the ‘biggest game-changer’ in the cleaning world right now. 

If you are going to try this hack, just remember to take out the power ball of the dishwasher tablet and only use a dissolvable powder tablet, instead of a liquid detergent. 

For the best results, be sure to wash all shower surfaces you have scrubbed with water and dry the area too. 

What is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack?

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What else can dishwasher tablets be used for?

It seems that dishwasher tablets really are more versatile than their name suggests. This is because dishwasher tablets – as you might have already guessed – are specifically designed to rid stains, dissolve grease, break down protein and starchy foods, and tackle hard water. When you use these tablets in your dishwasher, they do exactly this, so it’s no wonder they are a cleaning force to be reckoned with when it comes to other uses around the home.

As well as being able to clean dirty dishes back to their sparkly selves, when used correctly these tablets can also be used to clean your:

  • Dirty oven door – simply scrub your glass door with a dissolvable tablet that has been dipped in water 
  • Scorched pots and pans – much like your oven door, singed pans and pots can be scrubbed with a dishwasher tablet 
  • Kitchen sink rub a dishwasher tablet around the bottom of the sink to rid dirt and grime 
  • Stained coffee mugs and teacups – if your dishwasher is struggling to get stains out of your mugs, pop some of the dishwasher tablet inside your cup with warm water and let it work its magic   
  • Refrigerator – dip the tablet in warm water and scrub the dirty area then simply rinse away the residue 
  • Oil spillages – scrub any oil stains with dishwasher tablet
  • Toilet – rid stains by dropping a tablet into your toilet and use a toilet brush  

However, there are few things you shouldn’t use your dishwasher tablets to clean. These include: 

  • Washing your clothes 
  • Putting your dishwasher tablet at the bottom of your dishwasher 

What is the dishwasher tablet in shower hack?

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Can you use a dishwasher tablet to clean a washing machine?  

The quick answer to this question is: absolutely not. Although initially this might seem like a good idea, given all the brilliant cleaning credentials dishwasher tablets have, using these tablets could do your washing machine more harm than good.

This is because dissolvable dishwasher tablets are specifically designed to dissolve at much higher temperatures than the standard temp of even the best front load washer’s cycle. This means powder residue will get left behind, which can build up in your washing machine over time. 

Secondly, dishwasher tablets have different chemical properties compared to laundry detergent. This includes the use of a foaming agent, which could cause the dreaded foam overflow in your washing machine. 

If you needed any more convincing about why you shouldn’t use a dishwasher tablet to clean your washing machine, home appliance giant Bosch has stated on its website: “To keep maximum efficiency and quality, please do not use dishwasher tablets or detergent to clean your washing machine or to clean laundry.”

If you’re looking for simple but safe ways on how to clean your washing machine, discover our handy guide.

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