What's the quietest leaf blower?

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If you're worried about your neighbors or have sensitive ears yourself, you might ask: "what's the quietest leaf blower?" 

Leaf blowers make short work of removing leaves, but they have a reputation for being noisy. Certain states impose bans on high-volume leaf blowers and restrictions on when you can use them. Thankfully, modern models are quieter, offering plenty of choices. 

Here, we’ll recommend three quiet leaf blowers and share expert tips on selecting devices that keep noise to a minimum. As a rule of thumb, electric versions produce less of a din than their gas counterparts. Regardless of the model, it’s wise to wear earplugs to prevent hearing damage. 

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For now, let’s ask the experts: “what’s the quietest leaf blower?”

What’s the quietest leaf blower 

Ever wondered: “what’s the quietest leaf blower?” Here are our top three picks for quiet leaf blowers:

1. Stihl BGA 57: Your neighbors will thank you for investing in this discrete model.

2. Echo PB-255LN: If you prefer a gas leaf blower but want to keep the noise down, you can’t go wrong with this one.

3. Makita XUX02SM1X3: This quiet model offers two tools for the price of one, with a leaf blower and string trimmer attachments.

How to choose a quiet leaf blower

First, check the restrictions on leaf blowers where you live. There may be specific noise thresholds you should not exceed. 

“When you are looking for a quiet leaf blower, consider the decibel rating, the size and types of tasks you need it for, and the design,” advises Deborah Looi, plant expert and founder of GardeningCollective

Check the specifications for the rating in decibels (dB). “A lower decibel rating will indicate that the unit is quieter,” explains Deborah. As a benchmark, many municipalities place bans on devices over 65dB.

Typically, electric models are quieter than their electric equivalents. If your priority is reducing noise, a battery-operated model is a superb choice. But there is a trade-off as they often have short run times. 

Opt for models with features to minimize noise. “Look for leaf blowers with mufflers, sound-dampening technology, and variable speed control,” advises Deborah. 

“Finally, read reviews before purchasing. This will give you an idea of how quiet a leaf blower really is,” recommends Deborah.

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