Enodare Will Writer review

The Enodare Will Writer is a simple to use online will maker that also enables you to create a range of other documents, including a living will and power of attorney.

Enodare Will Writer review
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The Enodare Will Writer is simple to use thanks to its step-by-step instructions throughout, plus a jargon-buster and extensive help manual for each type of document. While we had some niggles with the software, overall it performed well.


  • +

    Easy to navigate

  • +

    Step-by-step guidance throughout

  • +

    Can create a foreign will too


  • -

    Font is tricky to read in places

  • -

    No spreadsheets or checklists

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The Enodare Will Writer system is available in online and downloadable versions. This means you can take your pick when selecting which is the most convenient format for you. As with the best online will maker programs, Enodare's Will Writer is easy to use, with well-defined navigational tabs and a clear and concise layout to help you easily find your way around.

Each version of the Will Writer enables you to create your will and other important documents, such as a living will, power of attorney, executor documents and final arrangements for your remains. Enodare's program is also designed to help you create a foreign will. Here we've rounded up what you need to know about the Will Writer, with the aim of helping you decided whether this is the right solution for you... 

Enodare Will Writer review: Features

The Enodare Will Writer has sample wills on its website, and we'd recommend looking through them to get some ideas of what kind of information you could include in your last will and testament. 

If you feel a little intimidated by the thought of creating a will, Will Writer uses an interview-style format that asks you questions then automatically inputs your answers into an editable document. We liked this approach, as somehow the interview format makes the entire process feel a little more relaxed. 

It also means that you don't have to worry about writing down and preparing whole heaps of information ahead of using the software. 

Unlike the feature-rich Quicken WillMaker & Trust, the Will Writer doesn't have a checklist or worksheets to help you keep important information in order while working through your documents.

Enodare Will Writer review

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This program does, however, include a glossary of legal terms and step-by-step instructions so you can understand the information being asked and include in your will and why this information is important.

During the creation of a document, a handy help section appears on the right with two tabs. One of the tabs displays information on the current screen, and the second tab contains a list of related links to the legal manual. For example, if you're unsure about any jargon or term mentioned on the screen, click on that second tab and explanatory information will instantly appear.

Enodare Will Writer review: Performance

Your progress is fully saved and tracked as you move through the will-writing process. You'll also be able to preview your final document before saving it in a Word format or printing the document in order to have your witnesses sign it.

When you are finished with your last will and testament, you can use this program to prepare additional estate planning documents, such as a living will, power of attorney and executor documents. You can also create a foreign will. 

While the Enodare Will Writer program is easy to work with, and overall it is clearly laid out and easy to navigate, those of you with sight issues may have trouble with the text font in certain areas. And since it doesn't have a spellcheck, the only way to see what you have typed into the various text fields is to preview the document after you have added your information. This is a little frustrating, but not a dealbreaker.

Enodare Will Writer review

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Also frustrating is the slightly lengthy registration process, which is not uncommon with this type of software. Enodare urges customers to complete the process to ensure software protection and its something you'd also encounter when using the best personal finance software, for example.

Enodare Will Writer review: User reviews

Interestingly, reviews for the Enodare Will Writer software seem to be evenly split, with some customers rating it highly, and others highlighting various issues and frustrations, mostly as we have covered above. 

One 5-star review on Amazon stated that: 'I was able to start using the software within a few minutes. A quick guide comes with the software and gives a nice overview of the software. The navigation itself is straightforward making the software one of the most user-friendly packages I have ever used.'

One of the most critical reviews complained that 'I feel like I just time-warped into the 80s with this stupid software registration process. Just how many keys should you need to register a piece of software? Apparently three was still not enough for Enodare.'

Should I buy Enodare Will Writer?

The Enodare Will Writer lacks some of the more useful tools of the top online will writing software, including checklists and worksheets, but we like its extended glossary and built-in help manual.

Elsewhere, it's clearly designed and very simple to use, making it a good choice for those who aren't the most computer literate. For a more feature-rich option, take a look at the Rocket Lawyer software, or consider Law Depot for another simple will maker that's affordable too.

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