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Arkadin Review

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PROS / This service offers excellent interactive capabilities, like document sharing, so callers can fully participate in conference calls.

CONS / There is no option to continue a call once the host hangs up.

 VERDICT / Arkadin is a user-friendly, feature-filled conference calling service that has the necessary features, including customizable dial-in numbers and host controls like lecture mode, so you can hold quality conference calls.

Arkadin, formerly AccuConference, is a conference call service with the features you need to hold high-quality phone meetings. This service offers many of the calling options we look for in a calling service, including international call capabilities, file sharing, interactive features and a user-friendly interface. This service does lack a few features and tools, such as call continuation after the host leaves and it limits participants to 75, but there is little to complain about with this audio conferencing service.

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You can host a call with up to 75 participants at one time. Though, this number is on the low end compared to other services we tested. Many conference call services host around 100 participants, though some allow many more. The service offers toll-free conference calling options, along with toll calls and operator services. With all three options, you can view participant lists and see exactly who is on your conference call. You also have call-recording capabilities, which allow you to record and download calls to access at a later time.

  1. To test the call quality of each conference call provider, we hosted various conference calls and monitored sound quality, white noise levels, echoes and background noise among other factors.
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This conference call service also includes blocked entry. This feature makes it possible to require that all participants enter a passcode before joining the call and prohibits unwanted individuals from joining the meeting. There are also multiple presenter controls that make it possible for several individuals to take control of the meeting and present or manage hosting duties.

Arkadin is well designed and easy to navigate. Most of the features and the tools you need are located in the conference manager. This area is where you can create a conference call that doesn't require a reservation. You can also schedule conference calls, invite guests to your meeting and view details about previous phone meetings. All recordings from previous conferences are available through the customer site. However, they are only stored for 30 days.

If you plan to refer to a presentation or a document for your conference call, Arkadin offers document sharing. Participants can view the same document you are talking about and follow along on their own computer screens. One feature missing from Arkadin's interactive tools, though, is the ability to continue the call after the host leaves. Unfortunately, once the host leaves the call, the conference call ends.

There are several audio and video options available to the host. You can mute other attendees and direct the sound to one presenter, so everyone can hear what he or she has to say. Once a call is over, a post-meeting report is provided to the host or presenter, and it lists all the individuals who joined the meeting and the time at which they joined. Arkadin also provides chat and survey capabilities, which give participants the opportunity to give their input into the meeting but in a more private way.

Arkadin's help and support is impressive. Telephone, email and live chat support are available. Additionally, this audio conference service provides a lot of information online about its services. You'll find white papers, FAQs, brochures and articles that cover a range of topics, from improving your call quality to professional development.


Arkadin is a powerful and easy-to-use conference call service. It gives you the power to create high-quality conference calls that are both beneficial and productive. Arkadin is a good choice for your meetings because it offers audio and video options. It is also a good choice for new users, who might need extra help setting up their account or hosting the most efficient calls.

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